2/20/2018 12:00pm Neuroscience Thesis Seminar

"The reversibility and limits of homeostatic synaptic plasticity"

by Catherine Yeates

Mentor: Andy Frank, Anatomy & Cell Biology

Location: 2117 Medical Education Research Facility

2/21/2018 1:00pm Anatomy and Cell Biology Seminar

“The hunt for missing heritability in orofacial clefting: ZNF750 in the periderm gene regulatory network," will be presented by Kaylia Duncan, Interdisciplinary Grad Student, Molecular Medicine, is in the Rob Cornell Lab here in the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology


"Role of Non-canonical Wnt signaling in endoderm morphogenesis," will be presented by Anurag Kakkerla Balaraju, Graduate Student, he is part of the Fang Lin Lab in Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology

Location: 1-561 BSB 1-561 BSB