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Staffing & Scheduling

  • The Department of Anesthesia has developed and implemented a sophisticated scheduling model (the "e-schedule") for all clinical providers.
  • The e-schedule interacts with an external web-based scheduling software package and is facilitated via the Department Intranet.
  • The e-schedule is programmed and maintained by the department's computer services team, and managed by advanced clinical schedulers.
  • The e-schedule includes a quality assurance component which is reviewed monthly by the scheduling team to ensure adequate resources are assigned for the provision of anesthesia services to patients.
  • The staffing model is managed by Dr. Robert From, Vice Chair for Clinical Affairs.  The model and its underlying assumptions are reviewed and updated frequently with the Department Chair.
  • Dr. From reviews work assignments daily and reallocates faculty and other clinical providers as needed to meet the demand for anesthetizing and critical care services.
  • Dr. From also ensures that subspecialty teams staff all surgical and nonsurgical satellite locations.  The subspecialty teams are designed to provide adequate coverage for these services around the clock.