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Transplant Anesthesia

Sundar Reddy

Sundara Reddy, MBBS, FRCA
Clinical Associate Professor of Anesthesia
Medical Director, Transplant Anesthesia

The University of Iowa Organ Transplant Center is the region’s leading transplant center with 45 years of transplant experience. The program has helped nearly 5,000 individuals extend their lives and the quality of their living through solid organ transplants.  UIHC’s depth of experience and expertise across all involved care teams allows us to provide our patients world-class care resulting in some of the nation’s best outcomes and highest survival rates. In addition, our transplant patients benefit from one of the shortest waiting lists in the country. We are certainly privileged to be a part of this life-changing process and are confident that our patients receive top quality care.

The Department of Anesthesia is proud to be an integral part of this endeavor. Due to the complexity of the procedures and severity of illness of the patients, the Division of Transplant Anesthesia is comprised of a dedicated team of anesthesiologists specializing in the care of transplant patients and provide 24 hour a day call.

This group provides anesthesia for:

  • All liver transplants
  • All live donor kidney transplants
  • A majority of kidney transplants
  • A majority of kidney-pancreas transplants
  • Hepatobiliary surgery

There is a close collaboration between the transplant anesthesiologists and transplant surgeons and our involvement begins early in the multidisciplinary patient evaluation process, helping to optimize the patient’s suitability for major surgery.

The Division Director serves as a liaison between the transplant surgeons and the Anesthesia Department.

Strengths of the Transplant Anesthesia Division at the University of Iowa include:

  • Dedicated team of anesthesiologists specializing in the care of transplant patients
  • World class care with state-of-the-art facilities
  • Exceptional transplant outcomes
  • Shorter times on the organ waiting list