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Date Speaker, Title, Department Workshop Title

Sarah Wernimont, Postdoctoral & Medical Fellow, Dr. Eric Taylor Lab

Adam Rauckhorst, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Dr. Eric Taylor Lab

Mitochondrial macronutrient flux and regulation of syncytiotrophoblast differentiation

Hypoxic stress reveals intrinsic non-canonical metabolomic network structures

2/4/2020 Dr. Jared McLendon, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Internal Medicine, Dr.  Boudreau Lab Post transcriptional gene regulation in cardiac biology

Colen Lankford, Molecular Medicine Graduate Student, Dr. Sheila Baker Lab

Shivangi Makarand Inamdar, Postdoctoral Research Scholar, Dr. Sheila Baker Lab

Phenotypic analysis of a mouse model for KCNV2 retinopathy

Regulating HCN1 channels

2/18/2020 Meng Wu, Adjunct Professor, Biochemistry In vitro plate-based high throughput assays/screening
2/25/2020 Dominique Limoli, Assistant Professor, Microbiology and Immunology War and Peace: Polymicrobial interactions during cystic fibrosis airway infection
3/3/2020 Jeffrey White, Molecular Medicine Graduate Student, Dr. Ronald Weigel Lab SUMO-responsive Transcriptional Repression from TFAP2A-Occupied Microsatellites
3/10/2020 David Price, Professor, Biochemistry A Unified View of the Sequence and Functional Organization of the Human RNA Polymerase II Promoter
4/14/2020 Kathryn Spitler, Postdoctoral Research Scholar, Dr. Brandon Davies Lab ANGPTL4 from adipose, but not liver, is responsible for regulating plasma triglyceride partitioning

Juan Santana, Research Associate, Dr. David Price Lab

Benjamin Spector, Research Assistant, Dr. David Price Lab

Selective temporal depletion of general transcription factors using CRISPR/Cas9 and the dTAG system

DFF ChIP-Seq: exploring the interface of transcription and chromatin on human and cytomegalovirus genomes