New Publications in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Oct 2023

Congratulations to our labs with new publications!

Lavering ED, Gandhamaneni M, Weeks DL. (2023) Intrinsically disordered regions are not sufficient to direct the compartmental localization of nucleolar proteins in the nucleus.(Accepted PLOS Biology 10/12/2023)

Gall-Duncan T, Luo J, Jurkovic CM, Fischer LA, Fujita K, Deshmukh AL, Harding RJ, Tran S, Mehkary M, Li V, Leib DE, Chen R, Tanaka H, Mason AG, Lévesque D, Khan M, Razzaghi M, PrasolavaT, Lanni S, Sato N, Caron MC, Panigrahi GB, Wang P, Lau R, López Castel A, Masson JY, Tippett L, Turner C, Spies M, La Spada AR, Campos EI, Curtis MA, Boisvert FM, Faull RLM, Davidson BL, Nakamori M, Okazawa H, Wold MS, Pearson CE. (2023) Antagonistic roles of canonical and Alternative-RPA in disease-associated tandem CAG repeat instability. Cell, 186 (22):4898-4919.e25. ISSN 0092-8674.

Tuesday, October 31, 2023