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Meng Wu, PhD

Meng Wu, PhDContact Information

Address: 115 S. Grand Avenue, 316 PHAR
Iowa City, IA 52242 Email: meng-wu@uiowa.edu


My primary research interests focused on molecular probe/drug lead discovery via the high-throughput screening and assay development, based on my earlier fluorescent and chemo- and bio-sensor expertise, i.e. fluorescent chemical sensors/nanosensors or label-free high throughput screening Epic platform. Furthermore, we have reputable expertise supporting assay design and development (see PubChem). Through innovative assay development and collaboration with medicinal chemists, my lab aims to discover novel potent and specific molecular probes, as well as therapeutic leads for their associated diseases.

The University of Iowa High Throughput Screening Facility (UIHTS) is a high throughput platform that integrates robotics, detection systems and chemical /biologics libraries. UIHTS enables scalable screening approaches, not only to foster hit and lead generation for drug discovery and development through screening of large chemical/biologics libraries; but also to facilitate molecular probe discovery for mechanism of action (MOA) studies of chemical biology through screening of focused intellectually-designed compound collections. As a university core facility, UIHTS provides highly flexible screening services, project management, and assay/technology development for investigators across campus as well as off-campus. For more information please visit https://pharmacy.uiowa.edu/high-throughput-screening-facility.

Selected Publications

Fen Huang, Hongkang Zhang, Meng Wu, Huanghe Yang, Makoto Kudo, Christian J. Peters, Prescott G. Woodruff,Owen D. Solberg, Matthew L. Donne, Xiaozhu Huang, Dean Sheppard, John Fahy, Paul Wolters, Brigid L. M.Hogan, Walter Finkbeiner, Min Li, Yuh-Nung Jan, Lily Yeh Jan, Jason R. Rock (2012) TMEM16A-CaCC modulates mucin secretion and airway smooth muscle contraction, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America , 109(40):16354-9..

Yiu-Yin Cheung, Haibo Yu, Kaiping Xu, Meng Wu, Owen McManus, Min Li, Craig Lindsley; Corey Hopkins (2012) Discovery of a Series of 2-phenyl-N-(2-(pyrrolidin-1-yl)phenyl)acetamides as Novel Molecular Switches that Modulate Modes of Kv7.2 (KCNQ2) Channel Pharmacology: Identification of (S)-2-phenyl-N-(2- (pyrrolidin-1-yl)phenyl)butanamide (ML252) as a Potent, Brain Penetrant Kv7.2 Channel Inhibitor, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. 55(15):6975-9.

Haibo Yu, Meng Wu, Steven D. Townsend, Beiyan Zou, Shunyou Long, J. Scott Daniels, Owen B McManus, Min Li, Craig W. Lindsley, Corey R. Hopkins (2011) Discovery, Synthesis, and Structure Activity Relationship of a Series of N-Aryl-bicyclo[2.2.1]heptane-2-carbox-amides: Characterization of ML213 as a Novel KCNQ2 and KCNQ4 Potassium Channel Opener, ACS Chemical Neuroscience. 2(10):572-577.

Hao-Ran Wang, Meng Wu, Haibo Yu, Shunyou Long, Amy Stevens, Darren W. Engers, Henry Sackin, J. Scott Daniels, Eric S. Dawson, Corey R. Hopkins, Craig W. Lindsley, Min Li, and Owen B McManus (2011) Selective inhibition of the Kir2 family of inward rectifier potassium channels by a small molecule probe: the discovery, SAR and pharmacological characterization of ML133. ACS CHEMICAL BIOLOGY , 6 (8):845-856

Meng Wu, Shunyou Long, Anthony G. Frutos, Maryna Eichelberger, Min Li, Ye Fang. (2009) Interrogation of phosphor-specific interaction on a high-throughput label-free optical biosensor system–Epic® system. Journal of Receptors and Signal Transduction, 29 (3-4): 202-210.

Maryna C Eichelberger, Arash Hassantoufighi, Meng Wu, and Min Li. (2008) Neuraminidase activity provides a practical read-out for a high throughput influenza antiviral screening assay. Virology Journal, 5:109–117.

Meng Wu, Brian Coblitz, Sojin Shikano, Lisa M. Cockrell, Haian Fu, Shunyou Long, (2006) SWTY – a general peptide probe for homogeneous solution binding assay of 14-3-3 proteins. Analytical Biochemistry, 349(2): 186-196.

Zhihong LIN, Meng WU, Michael Schaeferling, Otto S. Wolfbeis (2004) Fluorescent Imaging of Citrate and Other Intermediates in the Citric Acid Cycle. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 431735-1758.