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Past Workshops 2016

DateSpeaker, Department/InstitutionWorkshop Title
1/26/2016Dr. Ed Sander, Biochemical Engineering/University of IowaIn vitro systems and computational models for studying cell-matrix interactions and mechanobiology
2/2/2016Dr. Lori Wallrath, Biochemistry/University of Iowa Lamin-associated muscular dystrophy: Bedside to bench and beyond
2/9/2016Dr. Brandon Davies, Biochemistry/University of IowaThe unfinished stories of triglyceride metabolism
2/16/2016Dr. Jacob Michaelson, Psychiatry, Biomedical Engineering/University of IowaTranscriptional regulation in genetically impaired and pharmacologically-rescued adult hippocampal neurogenesis
2/23/2016Dr. Anna Malkova, Biology, UI Genetics Cluster/University of IowaComplex mutations and chromosomal rearrangements associated with break-induced replication
3/1/2016Dr. Sheila Baker, Biochemistry, Opthalmology and Visual Sciences/University of IowaBridging the first visual synapse
3/8/2016Dr. Adrian Elcock, Biochemistry/University of IowaProgress report on building molecular simulation models for cellular systems
3/22/2016Dr. Marc Wold, Biochemistry, Radiation Oncology/University of IowaProtein acrobatics in genome stability
3/29/2016Dr. Marie Migaud, Biochemistry Visiting Professor/University of IowaNAD chemical biology: Old and new NAD building blocks and derivatives
4/5/2016Dr. Todd Washington, Biochemistry, Radiation Oncology/University of IowaAssembly and architecture of the protein complex that replicates damaged DNA
4/19/2016Dr. Madeline Shea, Biochemistry/University of IowaThe Kinky Tail of Voltage-Dependent Sodium Channel Nav1.2
4/20/2016Dr. Joseph Dosbosy, Senior Staff Scientist/Integrated DNA TechnologiesGrad Student Open Forum: Careers in Industry
4/26/2016Dr. David Price, Biochemistry/University of IowaAtypical day in the Price Lab
09/13/2016Dr. Kris DeMali, Biochemistry, Dermatology/University of IowaMechanisms of E-Cadherin Mechanotransduction
9/20/2016Dr. Markus Kuehn, Ophthalmology and Visual Science/University of IowaRestoring intraocular pressure control in glaucoma through stem cell based approaches
9/27/2016Dr. Daniel Weeks, Biochemistry/University of IowaAmyloids and protein aggregation as part of normal development
10/4/2016Melissa Gildenberg, Biochemistry, MSTP/University of Iowa (Washington Lab)Investigating the mechanism of error-free DNA damage bypass
10/4/2016Dr. Pamela Geyer, Biochemistry, Obstetrics and Gynecology/University of IowaNetworking at the nuclear perifphery: Contributions of Drosophila LEM domain proteins
10/18/2016Brittany Ripley, Biochemistry/University of Iowa (Washington Lab)Regulation of PCNA monoubiquitination in translesion synthesis
10/18/2016Liyang Zhang, Biochemistry/ University of Iowa (Pufall Lab)Shaping up transcription factor DNA binding
10/25/2016Wesley Lay, Biochemistry/University of Iowa (Elcock Lab)Force Field optimization in molecular dynamics simulations using osmotic pressure measurements
10/25/2016Ryan Mahling, Biochemistry/University of Iowa (Shea Lab)Regulation of Nav1.2 by Calmodulin and FGFs
11/1/2016William Hacker, Biochemistry/University of Iowa (Elcock Lab)Development and implementation of a coarse-graned model of the E. coli nucleoid
11/1/2016Julio Sanchez, Biochemistry/University of Iowa (Musselman Lab)Determining the role of the AT-hook and bromodomain in mediating chromatin signaling to the Brahma Subunit of the SWI/SNF Complex
11/8/2016Dr. Eric Taylor, Biochemistry/University of IowaRegulation of cellular and organismal metabolism by the mitochondrial carrier system
11/15/16Dr. Diane Slusarski, Biology/University of IowaZebrafish Development & Disease: Fishing for Answers
11/29/16Dr. Po Hien Ear, Biochemistry/University of Iowa (Brenner Lab)Maternal and Neonatal Health Benefits of Nicotinamide Riboside
11/29/16Dr. Adam Rauckhorst, Biochemistry/University of Iowa (Taylor Lab)Novel mechanisms regulating mitochondrial glutamine metabolism
12/6/16Dr. Hillel Haim, Microbiology/University of IowaOn the stable nature of instability: predictions of population-level changes in HIV-1 using diffusion-based models