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Presenters 2015

NameMentor  Talk TitleFuture Plans
Brady A. Campbell    Elcock Understanding the DNA:  AA Interface through Molecular Dynamics Simulations This coming August, I will be traveling to Kenya for 10 months where I will be volunteering with an organization called Hopeful Africa.  I will be working closely with middle and high school level students.  Once I return home, I plan on going to medical school.
Alexander J. Hjelmaas    Davies   Investigating the Nature of ANGPTL3 Inactivation of LPL    Medical school at the University of Michigan starting this fall.          
Liam Hovey SheaCalcium/Calmodulin Modulation of Voltage-Gated Sodium ChannelsMatriculating with MSTP (MD/PhD) program at the University of Washington in Seattle.
Sarah L. Mayer WeeksStudies on Smooth Muscle Actin Mutations Linked to Human DiseaseAfter graduation, I will spend a year as an English Teaching Assistant in Columbia with the Fulbright program, then I will attend medical school at Washington University in St. Louis.
Michael E. Turek PriceCharacterization of an RNA Polymerase II CTD PhosphataseAttending the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health in Madison, WI.
David Wadkins Elcock Molecular Simulation Studies of Sequence Dependent Features of DNA and RNA ConformationAfter graduation, I will be getting my masters in bio-medical engineering here at the University of Iowa.
Xin Xu Brenner Understanding Site Specificity of Non-enzymatic Protein Acetylation in MitochondriaAfter graduation, I will be going to the University of Minnesota to earn my Doctoral of Pharmacy degree.
Grant H. YoungWallrath A Fruit Fly Model of Muscular Dystrophy Reveals Novel Mechanisms of PathologyI will either be attending medical school here at the University of Iowa in the fall or working for a year in the Wallrath lab.
Yinjie Zhai    Haim Structural Modulation of HIV-1 Env by Stability Modifying Agents