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Presenters 2014

NameMentor  Talk TitleFuture Plans
Gabriel Baccam WallrathModeling Skin Blistering Disease in DrosophilaContinue doing research for another year or so and then apply for medical school 
Reid BrownElcockInvestigation of Nucleoside Nucleoside Interactions Using Molecular Dynamics Simulation Enroll in a one year science master’s program and then medical school
Zac BuiltaWeeksPurification and assay of enzymatic activity of phage ΦC31 integrase protein using a protein splicing system: Isolation of an enzyme to make transgenic frogsBegin a one to two year research assistant position at the University of Iowa Molecular Otalaryngology and Renal Research Laboratories. I will be applying for medical school, graduate school, and MSTP during this time.  
Sophia ChenDeMaliVinculin-actin interactions in cell migrationAttend the College of Dentistry at the University of Iowa this upcoming fall
Lisa GoldenFuentesExploring the Specificities, Thermodynamics, and Structures of Tiam2 PDZ MutantsI will be going to graduate school after graduation
Frances HindtFuentesCharacterizing the Tiam1-Talin ComplexNext year I'm attending medical school at Creighton University College of Medicine 
Kyle KlingbeilBrennerUse of nicotinamide riboside to oppose the development of alcoholic fatty liver in the mouseAttend Medical School at the University of Miami
Dagan MarxSheaRecognition of Human Voltage-Gated Sodium Channels by CalmodulinPost-graduation I will be getting my PhD at Johns Hopkins University in the Program for Molecular Biophysics 
Ebosetale OkoruwaWoldHigh Throughput Assay for RPA-Protein InteractionsI will be attending the dentistry school here at the University of Iowa
Oluwatoni Olayiwola ElcockMolecular Dynamics Simulations of the Conformational Behavior of Tripeptides in Aqueous Solution The current plan is to spend a year teaching English in a French secondary school before returning to apply to graduate school in the biological sciences 
Michael SchrodtElcockConformational Flexibility of Short Single-Stranded DNA and RNA Systems Using Molecular Dynamics Simulation I plan on working in the chemistry or pharmaceutical industry for a few years, then go to medical school and become an Army doctor. 
Dylan ThiemannElcockGPU accelerated computing and its role in Brownian Dynamic simulationsThis summer I have a software development internship at Cerner Corporation in Kansas City, MO. After graduation I plan to go into software development.