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Graduate Alumni 1920-1939

Name Year Mentor Last Known Position
William J. Husa 1923 Rockwood Head and Professor of Pharmacy, University of Florida
Dempsie B. Morrison 1928 Myers Professor and Director of Clinical Chemistry, University of Tennessee
Edward Muntwyler 1928 Myers Professor and Chair of Biochemistry, State University of New York
Joseph J. Pfiffner 1928 Myers & Rockwood Professor of Physiology and Pharmacology, Wayne State University School of Medicine
Harold S. Olcott 1931 Mattill Professor of Food and Science and Technology, University of California
Frederick C. Freytag 1932 Smith & Mattill Professor of Chemistry, University of Wyoming
Adrian C. Kuyper 1933 Mattill Professor of Physiological Chemistry, Wayne State University Medical School
Byron B. Clark 1934 Gibson Director of the Pharmacology--Toxicology Program Branch, National Institute of General Medical Sciences
Walter H. Seegers 1934 Smith & Mattill Professor and Chair of Physiology, Wayne State University School of Medicine
Ralph M. Conrad 1936 Berg Professor, University of Denver
Walter K. Hall 1936 Gibson Professor of Cell and Molecular Biology, Medical College of Georgia
Samuel P. Miller 1936 Kuyper Professor of Chemistry, American University of Cairo
Charles W. Bauer 1937 Rockwood & Berg Professor, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy
Harold W. Schultz 1937 Mattill Professor and head of Food Science and Technology, Oregon State University
Fred E. Deatherage, Jr. 1938 Mattill Professor of Biochemistry, Ohio State University