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Past Workshops 2018

Date Speaker, Department/Institution Workshop Title
2/6/2018 Arpit Sharma, Biochemistry, Graduate Student, Taylor Lab Skeletal Muscle MPC as a Regulator of Systemic Cori Cycle Adiposity
2/13/2018 Dr. Charles Brenner, Professor and Chair, Biochemistry, Internal Medicine Boosting Metabolism with Nicotinamide Riboside: Full Circle from Milk
2/20/2018 Dr. Craig Ellermeier, Associate Professor, Microbiology and Immunology A Bacterial Receptor for Lysozyme Controls Sigma Facotr Activation
2/27/2018 Dr. Ted Abel, Professor, Molecular Physioology and Biophysics, Psychiatry, Biochemistry, Psychological and Brain Sciences Epigenetic Mechanisms of Memory Storage
3/6/2018 Dr. Shivangi Inamdar, Post Doc, Biochemistry, Baker Lab Analysis of 14-3-3 proteins in the retina
3/6/2018 Colten Lankford, Graduate Student, Molecular Medicine Program, Baker Lab Trafficking of phyperpolarization activated cyclic nucleotide-grated channel 1 (HCN1) in photoreceptors
3/27/2018 Dr. David Price, Professor, Biochemistry Analysis of RNA polymerase II transcription in human cells with single-nucleotide resolution
4/3/2018 Lalita Oonthonpan, Biochemistry, Graduate Student, Taylor Lab Understanding the Molecular Condequences of MPC1 Mutations in Human Patients
4/10/2018 Dr. Kathryn Spitler, Biochemistry, Post Doc, Davies Lab  Tissue Specific actions of angiopoietin like 4
4/10/2018 Julio Sanchez, Biochemistry, Graduate Student, Musselman Lab Characterization of the novel DNA binding activity of the BRG1 AT-hook-bromodomain
4/24/2018 Quinn Li, Biochemistry, Graduate Student, A. Spies Lab Determinants of glucokinase activation: Implications for small molecule allosteric control
4/24/2018 Tyler Weaver, Biochemistry, Graduate Student, Musselman Lab Multivalent engagement of DNA and H3K27me3 by the CBX8 chromodomain drives nucleosome association
5/1/2018 Dr. John Selby, Assistant Professor, Dermatology, Medical Director, Physical Modalities Experimental Methods for Exploring Cell Mechanobiology: A Primer on Traction Force Microscopy, Optical Magnetic Twisting Cytometry, and Magnetic Tweezers
9/11/2018 Tingting Duan, Grad Student, Biochemistry, Geyer Lab Networking at the nuclear periphery is essential for stem cell survival
9/18/2018 Dr. Lori Wallrath, Professor, Vice Chair, Biochemistry Connecting the nucleoskeleton and the cytoskeleton @ Cornell University
9/25/2018 Dr. Brandon Davies, Assistant Professor, Biochemistry Regulation of Lipid Partitioning: The Fine-tuning of Fate Fate
10/16/2018 Dr. Catherine Musselman, Assistant Professor, Biochemistry Molecular mechanisms of histone signaling in a chromatin relevant context
10/23/2018 Dr. Ryan Sheldon, Post Doc, Biochemistry, Taylor Lab Hepatic mitochondrial citrate carrier disruption reroutes glucose from lipgenesis into glutamine
10/23/2018 Kelli Sylvers, Grad Student, Biochemistry, Davies Lab Lipase regulation by ANGPTL3
10/30/2018 Alicia Salvi, Grad Student, Biochemistry, DeMali Lab Investigating Metabolic Changes in Response to Force on E-cadherin
10/30/2018 Christopher Ball, Grad Student, Biochemistry, Price Lab Human Cytomegalovirus IE2 Differentially Modulates Transcription of Select Viral Transcription Units During Late Infection
11/6/2018 Dr. Ernesto Fuentes, Associate Professor, Biochemistry Design of PDZ domain ligand specificity
11/13/2018 Brittany Ripley, Grad Student, Biochemistry, Washington Lab Rad6-18, the master regulator of translesion synthesis
11/27/2018 Ryan Mahling, Grad Student, Biochemistry, Shea Lab Disease-Causing Mutations in Calmodulin Alter the Linkage Between Binding Sodium Channel (Nav) IQ Motifs and Calcium