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Presenters - 2019

Name Mentor Talk Title Future Plans
Sophia Vogeler Charles Brenner

Evaluating the Efficacy of NAD Precursors in Treating Hyperphagia

Take the patent bar exam and attend law school at the University of Minnesota
Samuel Kitzman Pamela Geyer Modeling a premature aging syndrome by a mutant form of Barrier-to-Autointegration Factor (BAF) in Drosophila Continue working in the Geyer lab over the summer and attend medical school in fall 2020
Andrew Henry Andrew Norris Influence of CFTR on Linoleic Acid Metabolism Look for employmnet while preparing to apply for medical school
Lucas Maakestad Todd Washington Overexpression and Purification of the Fork-Remodeling Enzyme Rad5 Attend medical school at the UI CCOM
Samantha Mackin Kris DeMali Identifying Mechanisms Coupling Cell Metabolism to Force Transmission Work as a research assistant in the Perlman lab
Jesse Cochran E. Dale Abel Sex Differences in the Response of C57BL/6 Mice to Ketogenic Diets Apply for MD/PhD programs for the 2020-21 cycle
Derek Metzger Brandon Davies Functional Analysis of Human ANGPTL3 Mutants Remain in Iowa City for a gap year while applying to medical schools
Ashley Segura-Roman Brandon Davies Endothelial Lipase Regulation by ANGPTL3 Start PhD program at UC-Berkeley in the Molecular and Cell Biology graduate program
Ian McElree Chun-Fang Wu Exploration of the rosA Oscillatory ERG Phenotype in Drosophila Attend a Master's program in Medical Physiology this fall
Ariel Kopel Sheila Baker The Role of Synaptic Calcium Channels in Cone Photoreceptors Take a 1-2 gap year to work in a research lab and apply to a Biochemistry PhD program
Irini Petros Daniel Weeks Protein Aggregates in Different Subnucleolar Compartments in Xenopus laevis Continue in the Weeks lab for a post-bac program and apply for medical school