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Presenters - 2021

Name Mentor Talk Title Future Plans
Geoffrey Collins David Price

A multifaceted approach to understanding the role of the 7SK snRNP in transcription regulation

Daniel Conway Adrian Elcock

Using protein structure predictions to identify new integral membrane proteins in E. coli

Attend CCOM in Fall 2021
Mikayla Eppert Sarit Smolikove

Study of Long-Range Resection in Meiotic Homologous Recombination

Attend UT Southwestern in Dallas to pursue a PhD in biomedical sciences
Benjamin Grimm Ronald Weigel

AP-2α Drives Melanoma Metastasis

Attend CCOM in Fall 2021
Renato Jensen E. Dale Abel

Metabolic Phenotyping of Mice with Skeletal Muscle-specific DRP1 Deficiency

Medical school/MSTP program
Dariya Kozlova Brandon Davies

Analysis of Human ANGPTL3 Mutants: EL and LPL Inhibition

Attend medical school in Fall 2021
Guowei Qi Mike Schnieders

Protein Structure Prediction Using a Maximum Likelihood Formulation of a Neural Network

Conduct research at the University of Cambridge's Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry
Sydney Walker Lori Wallrath

Modeling laminopathies in Drosophila: Muscle and adipose dysregulation

Biochemistry PhD Program in Fall 2021
Emma Sailor Sheila Baker

Investigating retinal metabolism in KCNV2 retinopathy

Studying bioinformatics