Biochemistry Research Workshops are a series of informal scientific workshops for the University of Iowa research community. They are usually held on Tuesdays at 12:30 p.m. in Seebohm Conference Room, 283 EMRB unless otherwise noted. Please feel free to attend

 Date  Speaker, Title, Department Workshop Title
Sept 11
2117 MERF
Tingting Duan, Grad Student, Biochemistry, Geyer Lab Networking at the nuclear periphery is essential for stem cell survival
Sept 18 Dr. Lori Wallrath, Professor, Vice Chair, Biochemistry Connecting the nucleoskeleton and the cytoskeleton @ Cornell University
Sept 25 Dr. Brandon Davies, Assistant Professor, Biochemistry Regulation of Lipid Partitioning: The Fine-tuning of Fate Fate
Oct 2 NMR Special Workshop: Dr. Ratan Rai, Post Doc, University of California, San Diego Application of NMR Spectroscopy: From Small Molecules to Membrane Protein 
Oct 16 Dr. Catherine Musselman, Assistant Professor, Biochemistry Molecular mechanisms of histone signaling in a chromatin relevant context
Oct 23 Ryan Sheldon, Post Doc, Biochemistry, Taylor Lab Hepatic mitrochondrial citrate carrier disruption reroutes glucose from lipogenesis into glutamine
Oct 23 Kelli Sylvers, Grad Student, Biochemistry, Davies Lab Lipase regulation by ANGPTL3
Oct 30 Alicia Salvi, Grad Student, Biochemistry, DeMali Lab Investigating Metabolic Changes in Response to Force on E-cadherin
Oct 30 Chris Ball, Grad Students, Biochemistry, Price Lab Human Cytomegalovirus IE2 Differentially Modulates Transcription of Select Viral Transcription Units During Late Infection
Nov 6 Dr. Ernesto Fuentes, Associate Professor, Biochemistry Design of PDZ domain ligand specificity
Nov 13
2117 MERF
Brittany Ripley, Grad Student, Biochemistry, Washington Lab Rad6-18, the master regulator of translesion synthesis
Nov 27
2117 MERF
Ryan Mahling, Grad Student, Biochemistry, Shea Lab Disease-Causing Mutations in Calmodulin Alter the Linkage Between Binding Sodium Channel (Nav) IQ Motifs and Calcium

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