Biochemistry Research Workshops are a series of informal scientific workshops for the University of Iowa research community. They are usually held on Tuesdays at 12:30 p.m. in 1117 MERF unless otherwise noted. Please feel free to attend.

Date Location Speaker, Title, Department  Workshop Title
9/10/2019 1117 MERF Dr. Charles Brenner, Professor & Chair, Biochemistry  PPM1D Mutatiions Silence the NAPRT Gene and Sensitize to NAMPT Inhibition in Glioma
9/17/2019 1117 MERF Dr. Kris DeMali, Professor, Biochemistry  Integration of Cell Mechanics and Metabolism 
9/24/2019 1117 MERF    
10/1/2019 1117 MERF Zachary Wehrspan, Biochemistry Graduate Student, Dr. Adrian Elcock Lab  
10/8/2019 1117 MERF

Colleen Caldwell, Biochemistry Graduate Student, Dr. Maria Spies Lab

Fletcher Bain, Biochemistry Graduate Student, Dr. Maria Spies Lab

10/15/2019 1117 MERF Dr. Daniel Summers, Assistant Professor, Biology, University of Iowa  
10/22/2019 283 EMRB Dr. Lori Wallrath, Professor, Biochemistry   
10/29/2019 1117 MERF Brittany Ripley. Biochemistry Graduate Student, Dr. Todd Washington Lab  
11/12/2019 1117 MERF Dr. William Sivitz, Emeritus Professor, Internal Medicine   
11/19/2019 283 EMRB Dr. Rainbo Hultman, Assistant Professor, Molecular Physiology & Biophysics, Iowa Neurosciences Institute   


283 EMRB

Tingting Duan, Biochemistry Graduate Student, Thesis Defense, Dr. Pamela Geyer Lab  

Past Workshops