Biochemistry Research Workshops are a series of informal scientific workshops for the University of Iowa research community. They are usually held on Tuesdays at 12:30 p.m. in 1117 MERF unless otherwise noted. Please feel free to attend.

Date Location Speaker, Title, Department  Workshop Title


283 EMRB

Tingting Duan, Biochemistry Graduate Student, Thesis Defense, Dr. Pamela Geyer Lab The nuclear lamina is required for stem cell mitosis and survival
1/28/2019 1117 MERF

Sarah Wernimont, Postdoctoral & Medical Fellow, Dr. Eric Taylor Lab

Adam Rauckhorst, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Dr. Eric Taylor Lab 

Mitochondrial macronutrient flux and regulation of syncytiotrophoblast differentiation

Hypoxic stress reveals intrinsic non-canonical metabolomic network structures

2/4/2019 1117 MERF Jared McLendon, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Internal Medicine, Dr. Boudreau Lab  
2/11/2019 1117 MERF

Colten Lankford, Molecular Medicine Graduate Student, Dr. Shelia Baker Lab

Shivangi Makarand Inamdar, Postdoctoral Research Scholar, Dr. Shelia Baker Lab

2/18/2019 1117 MERF Meng Wu, Adjunct Professor, Biochemistry   
2/25/2019 1117 MERF Ashley Goll, Research Intern, Dr. Dan Weeks Lab  
3/3/2019 1117 MERF Jeffrey White, Molecular Medicine Graduate Student. Dr. Ronald Weigel Lab  
3/10/2019 1117 MERF Dr. David Price, Professor, Biochemistry   
3/24/2019 1117 MERF Masayoshi Honda, Assistant Research Scientist, Dr. Maria Spies Lab  
3/31/2019 1117 MERF Grant Cooling, Graduate Research Assistant, Dr. Ashley Spies Lab   
4/7/2019 1117 MERF Dr. Wendy Maury, Professor, Microbiology and Immunology   
4/14/2019 1117 MERF Davies Lab  
4/21/2019 1117 MERF  Price Lab  
4/28/2019   Lata Symposium   

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