Postdoctoral Program

Postdoctoral Fellows are an integral part of the research environment in Biochemistry. Currently, there are 16 fellows and research scientists in the department, many of whom receive support from foundations such as the American Heart Association (AHA) and the American Cancer Society (ACS). All of our fellows are encouraged to apply for grants and to travel to meetings and symposia to share their research.

Each fellow plays an important role in our research mission. Fellows help supervise graduate and undergraduate students, present at the Annual Retreat and weekly workshop series, and meet with seminar speakers.

Previous fellows have gone on to hold positions at institutions such as the University of California Los Angeles, National Cancer Institute, Johns Hopkins University, and Vanderbilt University, to name a few.

The strong educational and research mission of the University of Iowa makes this an ideal location for postdoctoral fellows. University of Iowa was recently ranked in the elite list of best places to work among U.S. academic institutions, ranking number one among our peer institutions in the CIC (i.e., Big Ten plus University of Chicago).

Interested individuals are encouraged to contact faculty directly.