Past Workshops 2007

DateSpeaker, Department/UniversityWorkshop Title
9/4/07Hideaki Nojiri, University of TokyoSubstrate Specificity and Electron Transport of Rieske Oxygenase
9/11/07Brian McCluskey (MS Thesis         Seminar), Biochemistry, UIElucidation of Molecular Processes Involved in Enhancer Blocking by the Su(Hw) Insulator Protein
9/18/07Chaoqun Yao, Infectious Diseases, UI The Plasma Membrane-associated Virulence 
Factors of Leishmania Protozoa
10/2/07John Dagle, Biochemistry, UIGenetic Contributions to Prematurity and its
10/9/07Susan O'Donnell, Biochemistry, UIAllosteric Interactions Between Calcineurin and
the Domains of Calmodulin
10/16/06Ernie Fuentes, Biochemistry, UIRegulating the Regulators: Understanding 
Rho-family GTPase Activation
10/23/07Ron Weigel, Surgery; Biochemistry, UIMechanisms of Hormone Response in Breast 
10/30/07Stan Sedore (5th Semester Seminar), Biochemistry, UIRegulation of HIV Transcription by the RNA
Polymerase II Elongation Control Machinery
11/6/07Aaron Mason (5th Semester Seminar), Biochemistry, UIElucidating Multiple Conformations of 
Replication Protein A
11/13/07Bret Freudenthal, Biochemistry, UI  Structure of PCNA Mutant Proteins that
Block Translesion Synthesis
11/27/07Phil Butler, Biochemistry, UIAcyl-CoA:lysophosphatidylcholine
Actyltransferase, a Key Regulator of 
12/4/07Shun Zhu (5th semester seminar), Biochemistry, UIUnderstanding the Specificity of Protein Kinase: 
Drug Interactions