Past Workshops 2012

DateSpeaker, Department/InstitutionWorkshop Title
2/14/2012Adrian Elcock, Associate Professor, BiochemistryFirst Steps Toward Molecular Modeling o the Endoplamic Reticulum: Molecular Simulations of Ire1's Role in the Unfolded Protein Response
2/21/2012Andrew Norris, Assistant Professor, PediatricsThe AKTins Diet: pparg Alters Cellular Metabolism
2/28/2012Tiandao Li, Postdoc, Biochemistry, Price LabA new model for transcriptional regulation from bioinformatic analyses
2/28/2012Rebecca Fagan, Postdoc, Biochemistry, Brenner LabMacromolecular and Small Molecule Inhibition of DNA Methyltransferase 1
3/6/2012Ernesto Fuentes, Assistant Professor, BiochemistryForm reveals function: biophysical and functional studies of the Tiam1 PDZ Domain
3/20/2012George Giudice, Professor, DermatologyCollagen XVII Helps Keep the Keratinocyte from Overreacting to an Insult
3/27/2012Jessica Maiers, Graduate Student, MCB, DeMali LabDetermining the mechanism coupling adherens junctions and tight junctions
3/27/2012Mark Miller, Graduate Student, Shea LabCalmodulin Interactions with Sodium Channel IQ Motifs
4/10/2012Ronald Weigel, Professor & Head, SurgeryTFAP2C Regulates the ER-gene Cluster in Breast Cancer
4/17/2012Shelia Baker, Assistant Professor, BiochemistryInvestigating protein sorting in photo
4/24/2012Miles Pufall, Assistant Professor, BiochemistryUnderstanding treatment resistance in childhood pre B acute lymphoblastic leukemia
5/1/2012Jiannan Guo, Postdoc, Biochemistry, Price LabNew insights into the role of Mediator in regulating transcription elongation
5/1/2012Kuo-Kuang Wen, Assistant Research Scientist, Biochemistry, Rubenstein LabThe Hypothetical System of Actin Pathogenic Center Mutations  
9/11/2012Eric Taylor, Assistant Professor, BiochemistryDiscovery of the Mitochondrial Pyruvate Carrier: Why it matters and what comes next
9/25/2012Brandon Davies, Assistant Professor, BiochemistryThe pivotal role of endothelial cells in fat metabolism
10/2/2012Meng Wu, Director, High Throughput Screening FacilityScalable high throughout screening and its applications
10/ 9/2012Michael Schnieders, Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering and BiochemistryApplications of Computational Molecular Biophysics: Toward Personalized Medicine
10/16/2012Sarah Hengel, Grad. Student, Biochemistry (Baker)

Casey Andrews, Grad. Student, Biochemistry (Elcock)
Regulation of Glutamate at the First Visual Synapse

Molecular dynamics simulations of electrostatic and hydrophobic interactions in concentrated solution
10/23/2012John Brogie, Grad. Student, Biochemistry (Price)

Masayoshi Honda, Postdoc, Biochemistry (M. Spies)
Role of LARP7 and MEPCE in the regulation of P-TEFb in the 7SK snRNP

Priming Heteroduplex Rejection: hMSH2-hMSH6 recognizes mismatched within recombination intermediates
10/30/2012Zhen Xu, Grad. Student, Biochemistry (Fuentes)

Yuan Pan, Grad. Student, Biochemistry (Baker)
Understanding the regulation of Tiam1 GEF activity 

Characterization of HCN1 channel trafficking in rod photoreceptors 
11/ 6/2012Ran Chen, Grad. Student, Biochemistry (Wold)

Samuel Trammell, Grad. Student, Biochemistry (Brenner)
Functions of an alternative Relpication Protein A complex in cellular DNA damage repair

Replicative Lifespan Extension in Yeast is Non-Cell Autonomous  
11/13/2012Earle Stellwagen, Professor Emeritus, BiochemistryThe Electrostatics of A-Tract Promoted DNA Bending
11/20/2012Maria Spies, Associate Professor, BiochemistrySingle-molecule kinetics for drug discovery
11/27/2012Ashley Spies, Assistant Professor, BiochemistryExploiting enzyme plasticity in drug discovery
12/4/2012Justin Grobe, Assistant Professor, PharmacologyContrasting Resting Metabolic Rate Control by the Brain vs. Peripheral Renin-Angiotensin Systems
1/8/2013Samuel Trammell, Grad. Student, Biochemistry (Brenner)

Michael Knudson, Associate Professor, Pathology
Replicative Lifespan Extension in Yeast is Non-Cell Autonomous

University of Iowa Tissue Procurement Core: What can the TPC do for you?  
2/19/2012Rebecca Fagan, Postdoc, Biochemistry (Brenner)

Christine Kondratick, Asst. Res. Sci., Biochemistry (Washington)
Screening for DNA methyltransferase inhibitors

Identification & Characterization of Random Mutations of the PCNA Subunit Interface  
2/26/2012Christopher Ahern, Associate Professor, Molecular Physiology and BiophysicsScouting new experimental horizons in membrane biophysics with synthetic amino acids