Past Workshops 2014

DateSpeaker, Department/Institution Workshop Title
January 14Ruth Grossmann, PhD Biochemistry and College of Nursing/University of IowaRegulation of metabolism & behavior by nicotinamide riboside
January 21Michael Schnieders, PhD Biochemistry and Biomedical Engineering/University of IowaToward computational molecular biophysics in the personalized medicine pipeline at Iowa
January 28Andrew Pieper, MD/PhD Psychiatry and Neurology/University of IowaDeciphering the function of the mediator complex kinase submodule in the heart
February 4Mike Hayes, MSTP and MCB Graduate Student (Weeks Lab)/University of Iowa
The cardiogenic transcription factor Nkx2-5 is dynamically regulated in Xenopus lavis
February 4Lacy Barton, Biochemistry Graduate Student (Geyer Lab)/ University of IowaNuclear lamina functions in adult stem cell survival
February 11Shannon Sheehan, PhD/MBA, Research Foundation/University of IowaIntellectual property and industrial outreach
February 18Heather Bartlett, PhD, Pediatrics and Biochemistry/University of IowaActin and patent ductus arteriosus
February 25Matthew Potthoff, PhD, Biochemistry/University of IowaUnraveling hepatokine pathways regulating energy balance and glucose homeostasis
March 4Janice Robertson, PhD, Molecular Physiology and Biophysics/University of IowaReversible dimerization of a Ci-/H+ transporter: A model for membrane protein folding
March 11Madeline Shea, PhD, Biochemistry and CCOM FUTURE/University of IowaTo bind or not to bind? Calmodulin discriminates among voltage-dependent sodium channels
March 25Thomas Magin, PhD, Visiting ProfessorKaratins as signaling scaffolds regulating skin barrier function and inflammation
April 1Colin Wu, Biochemistry Post Doc. (M. Spies)/University of Iowa  Equilibrium binding of the FANCJ helicase to DNA ends
April 8Eric Taylor, PhD, Biochemistry/University of IowaRegulation of hepatic gluconeogenesis by the mitochondrial pyruvate carrier
April 15     Brandon Davies, PhD, Biochemistry/University of IowaModulators of lipoprotein lipolysis
April 29Mechthild Hatzfeld, PhD, Visiting ProfessorThe interplay of cell-cell adhesion and growth control  
May 6Chad Grueter, PhD, Internal Medicine/University of IowaDeciphering the function of the mediator complex kinase submodule in the heart
May 20Szu-Chieh Mei, Biochemistry Post Doc (Brenner)/University of IowaCalorie restriction mediated replicative lifespan extension in yeast is non-cell autonomous
May 20Rebecca Fagan, Biochemistry Post Doc (Brenner)/University of IowaRegulation and inhibition of DNA
September 16Yuan Pan, Biochemistry Graduate Student (Baker Lab)/University of IowaRegulation of membrane protein trafficking in vertebrate photoreceptors
September 16Emma Morrison, Biochemistry Post Doc (Musselman Lab)/University of IowaFrom mechanisms of broad ligand specificity to epigenetic mechanisms of transcriptional regulation
September 23Wendy Maury, PhD Microbiology/ University of IowaThe role of TIM proteins in Ebola virus entry
October 7Elizabeth Boehm, Biochemistry Graduate Student (Washington Lab)/University of IowaStudies of recruitment of Y-family polymerases to PCNA
October 7Liyang Zhang, Biochemistry Graduate Student (Pufall Lab)/ University of IowaDifferences in glucocorticoid and androgen receptor DNA binding specificity revealed by SELEX-seq
October 14Arpit Sharma, Biochemistry Graduate Student (Taylor Lab)/University of IowaUnderstanding the metabolic control of cellular differentiation
October 14David Beyer, Biochemistry Graduate Student (M. Spies Lab)/University of IowaNucleoprotein complex remodeling by RTEL1 as revealed by single-molecule fluorescence
October 21Lalita Oonthonpan, Biochemistry Graduate Student (Taylor Lab)/University of IowaImplementation of CRISPR/CAS9 technology to understand mitochondrial pyruvate carrier function
October 21
Sam Trammell,Interdisciplinary Program in Genetics (Brenner Lab)/ University of IowaNAD metabolomics and its application to nicotinamide riboside therapies in rodents
October 28Shuxiang Li, Biochemistry Graduate Student (Elcock Lab)/University of IowaIntrinsic conformational preferences and neighboring residue effects of amino acids in two-residue peptides
October 28Jen Bays, Biochemistry Graduate Student (DeMali Lab)/University of IowaDetermining how vinculin phosphorylation at Y822 allows cadherins and integrins to differentially transmit force
November 4    Xun (Allison) Chi,Biochemistry (Davies Lab)/University of IowaExtracellular regulation of LPL trafficking
November 4Lynne Dieckman, PhD, Biochemistry (Musselman Lab)/ University of IowaThe structural and functional basis of PRC2 regulation by PHF1
November 11Sarah Hengel, Biochemistry Graduate Student (M. Spies Lab)/University of IowaRAD52:A story of inhibition
November 11Emily Malcolm, Biochemistry Graduate Student (Davies Lab)GPHBP1 and ANGPTL4: Regulator of LPL function
November 18      Liping Yu, PhD, NMR Core Facility/University of IowaRoles of NMR in structural biology and biomedical research
12/2/2014Kyle Powers, Biochemistry Graduate Student (Washington Lab)Structure and dynamics of the complex that replicates damaged DNA
12/2/2014Mike Hayes, MSTP, MCB (Weeks Lab)Why does failure to express ABCF2 lead to gastrulation defects in Xenopus embryos?
12/9/2014John Fingert, MD/PhD, Ophthalmology and visual Sciences/ University of IowaGenetic approaches to study glaucoma