Past Workshops 2015

DateSpeaker, Department/InstitutionWorkshop Title
1/27/2015Wilmara Salgado-Pabon, PhD, Microbiology/University of IowaSuperantigens in Saphylococcus aureus infective endocarditis
2/3/2015Veena Prahlad, PhD, Biology/University of Iowa    Control of cellular stress responses in the metazoan C. elegans
2/10/2015 Alexander Horswill, PhD, Microbiology/University of IowaRegulation and surface protein control of Staphylococcus aureus clumping
2/17/2015Julian Sebag, PhD, Molecular Physiology & Biophysics/University of IowaNew roles of MRAP2 in the regulation of energy homeostasis
2/24/2015Lori Wallrath, PhD, Biochemistry/University of IowaEpigenetic regulation of breast cancer metastasis
2/24/2015John Brogie, PhD, Biochemistry, Graduate Student (Price Lab)/ University of IowaDeciphering P-TEFb regulation using a reconstructed 7SK snRNP
3/3/2015Dr. Aliasger K. Salem, PhD, Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center/University of IowaBiodegradable nanoparticles for vaccine delivery
3/10/2015Nick Vance, Medicinal and Natural Products Chemistry (A. Spies Lab)/ University of IowaExploiting the allosteric properties of caspase-7 through fragment-based drug discovery
3/10/2015Liam Hovey, Goldwater Scholar, ICRU Fellow (Shea Lab), Biochemistry/ University of IowaOne CaM to rule them all: The power of calmodulin to bind nine sodium channels
3/24/2015Adrian Elcock, PhD, Biochemistry/University of IowaModest progress toward building a simulatable model of the bacterial chromosome
3/31/2015Yuan Pan, Graduate Student, Defense Seminar (Baker Lab) Biochemistry/University of IowaTargeting membrane proteins to inner segments of vertebrate photoreceptors
4/7/2015Tingting Duan, Graduate Student (Geyer Lab), Biochemistry/University of IowaDynamic expression of Suppressor of Hairy-wing in spermatogenesis underlies a role in male fertility
4/7/2015Marc Wold, PhD, Professor, Biochemistry/University of IowaReplication protein A subunite composition modulates somatic repair instability in CAG/CTG expansion disease
4/14/2015Mike Schnieders, PhD, Assistant Professor, Biochemistry, Biomedical Engineering/University of IowaToward computational biochemistry in the precision medicine pipline
4/28/2015Miles Pufall, PhD, Assistant Professor, Biochemistry/University of IowaDiscovering ways to sensitize treatment resistant leukemias by studying glucocorticoid regulation of transcription
9/8/2015Kris DeMali, PhD, Associate Professor, BiochemistryIntegrins and cancer
9/22/2015Maria Spies, PhD, Associate Professor, BiochemistrySingle-molecule studies of FeS-containing DNA helicases: Kinetics, conformational dynamics and molecular mechanisms
9/29/2015Charles Brenner, PhD, Head, Professor, Biochemistry Internal MedicineTranslating nicotinamide riboside for human weight management: Mechanisms and biomarkers
10/6/2015Robert Mullins, PhD, Professor Ophthalmology and Visual SciencesEndothelial cell death in a common cause of blindness: Role of the terminal complement pathway
10/13/2015Young Joo Sun, Graduate Student (Fuentes Lab), BiochemistryPeptide, lipid and CASK PDZ specificity
10/13/2015Emma Morrison, PhD, Post Doc (Musselman Lab), BiochemistryThe molecular basis of multivalent nucleosome association by the BRM AT-hook and bromodomain module
10/20/2015Isabella Grumbach, MD/PhD, Vice Chair for Research, Associate Professor, Internal Medicine/University of IowaDecreasing vascular restensosis: How controlling mitochondrial function opens the way
10/27/2015Tingting Duan, Graduate Student (Geyer Lab), Biochemistry Hit and run: The role of an architectural protein in spermatogenesis
10/27/2015Surendar Tadi, PhD, Post Doc (Brenner Lab), BiochemistryHow does ethanol produce fatty liver?
11/03/2015Jacob Litman, Graduate Student (Schnieders Lab), BiochemistryA first attempt at protein design with next generation force fields: Applications to PDZ-ligand model systems
11/03/2015Tyler Weaver, Graduate Student (Musselman Lab), BiochemistryEZH2 SANT1 Domain: A hub for EZH2 protein-protein interactions
11/10/2015Liyang Zhang, Graduate Student (Pufall Lab), BiochemistryHow do transcription factors read the genome?
11/10/2015Sean Tompkins, Graduate Student (Taylor Lab), Biochemistry, MSTPDoes the regulation and compartmentalization of hepatic glutamine metabolism affect anabolic poise?
11/17/2015Rory Fisher, PhD, Pharmacology, Internal Medicine/University of IowaRGS6: Novel tumor suppressor and mediator of chemosensitivity
12/1/2015Sarah Hengel, Graduate Student (M. Spies' Lab) Biochemistry/University of IowaRAD52-ssDNA complex inhibition by small molecules
12/1/2015Quinn Li, (A. Spies' Lab), Biochemistry/University of IowaElucidating enzyme catalytic power and ligand-enzyme dynamics of glucokinase: The rol of allosteric effects