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Robert F. Weir, PhD

Robert F. Weir, PhDProfessor Emeritus

Departments of Pediatrics and Religious Studies
1-104 Medical Education Building
Iowa City, IA 52242-1190

Graduate Education

  • Princeton University

Recent Publications

  • Kaldjian LC, Weir RF, and Duffy, T, "A Clinician's Approach to Clinical Ethical Reasoning," Journal of General Internal Medicine 20 (March 2005): 306-11.
  • Weir RF and Olick RS, The Stored Tissue Issue: Research on Stored Human Tissues in the Era of Molecular Genetics (Oxford University Press, 2004).
  • Weir RF, "The Ongoing Debate About Stored Tissue Samples," in National Bioethics Advisory Commission, Research Involving Human Biological Materials: Commissioned Papers (NBAC, 2000): F1 - F21.
  • Van Voorhis BJ, Grinstead D, Sparks A, and Weir RF, "Establishment of a Successful Donor Embryo Program: Medical, Ethical, and Policy Issues," Fertility and Sterility 71 (April 1999): 604-608.
  • Weir RF, ed., Stored Tissue Samples: Ethical, Legal, and Public Policy Implications (University of Iowa Press, 1998).

Research Interests

  • Ethical issues at the beginning of life
  • Ethical issues at the end of life
  • Ethics and genetics
  • Ethics and stored tissue samples
  • Ethics and technologically assisted reproduction

Teaching Activities

  • CME Reading Retreats in Literature and Medicine