Ethics in Healthcare 2017 Conference Summary

On May 19th, the Program in Bioethics and Humanities hosted Ethics in Healthcare 2017 on the campus of the Carver College of Medicine in Iowa City. We were delighted to host professionals from throughout the state of Iowa, and some from across the Mississippi, to this one-day meeting focused on collaborative dialogue and inter-professional exchange.  

Three large group lectures followed by small group case discussions allowed us to engage a range of challenging topics.  Dr. Karl Thomas helped us clarify our understanding or moral distress when providing care at the end-of-life. Dr. Erica Carlisle guided us through the nuanced concerns that arise when trying to enhance shared decision making in the care of adolescent patients. Dr. Lauris Kaldjian presented a framework for thinking about the ethical challenges we encounter when discussing healthcare costs with patients. And we were delighted to have the day capped off by Dr. Peter Angelos, a surgeon-ethicist from the University of Chicago, who explored ethical issues tht come with surgical innovations.

Participants made the conference a genuine time of engagement, rather than just an opportunity to be informed. We all benefited from the wealth of experience, depth of insight, and range of perspectives they brought to our discussions. We look forward to Ethics in Healthcare 2018!