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Previous Contest Winners

Year Winner Essay Title
2007 1st Place:  Laura Carlyle Modern Medical Education and the Liberal Arts: Theoretical and Practical Dimensions of Integration
2008 1st Place: Micheil Cannistra To Bypass or Not to Bypass: An Examination of the History and Ethics of Gastric Bypass Surgery 2008
2008  Co-Awardee: Stephanie Lichtor Physicians and Complicity in Torture in America’s War on Terror
2009 1st Place: Micheil Cannistra Indian Giver: Lynch Syndrome, The Navajo, and the Genetic Revolution
2009 2nd Place: Stephanie Lichtor A Physician’s Responsibility to Treat Pain
2010 1st Place: Marie-Teresa Colbert Making the Human Papillomavirus Vaccination Mandatory
2010 2nd Place: Kathleen Kennedy Miller A Modern History of Ayahuasca
2011 1st Place: Laura Fragodt  For the Sake of Others:  Key Considerations in Medical Missions
2011 2nd Place: Michell Cannistra The Rise of the Physician-Reporter: Responsibilities
2011 Honorable Mention: Andrew L. Fahlgren The Seattle Experience: How “The Life and Death Committee” Determined Who Was Worthy of Dialysis     
2012 1stPlace: Mary Becker Rysavy Labor and Luck: The Birth of Modern Oxytocics
2012 2ndPlace: Asitha Jayawardena,    Expedited ‘Diffusion of Innovation’: A reflection on the Ponseti Method in the current era of medicine
2013 First place: Mary Becker Rysavy Sadness and Support: A Short History of Postpartum Depression 
2014 Christopher J De Boer The Price of Pain: Examining Global Inequality in Palliative Care and a Human Rights Response 
2014 Colin Buzza A Life in the Community for All? The ongoing de-segregation of Iowans with mental illness 
2015 Katherine Ryken The Role of Physicians in Transitional Justice: Combatting the Aftermath of Mass Rape in Bosnia-Herzegovina 
2015 Dylan Todd The Collision of Concussion Prevention and Concussion Culture
2016 Mgbechi Erondu Spinal:  The Culture of Obstetric Anesthesiology at Gbagada General Hospital (Lagos, Nigeria)
2016 Alice Ye Modern Vaccine Anxiety in America
2017 Avanthi Sai Ajjarapu Dying a Good Death: A critique of the biomedical technology and its role in end-of-life care in the United States
2017 Kelsey P Hart Fat in the Fire: A Personal Narrative on Disordered Eating in Competitive Distance Runners
2018 Pavane Gorrepati What's Hormones Got To Do With It?  The Medicalization of Menopause in Postwar America"
2018 Kaci McCleary The White Coat as a Symbol
2019 Marcus Toral

A Lesson from the Serpent: Artificial Intelligence and the Healer's Art

2020 Richard Uhlenhopp Emily's Story and the Expression of Pain
2020 Cheryl Wang The Terrible PR of Electroconvulsive Therapy: Why Psychiatrys Most Effective Therapy for Depression is Also Its Most Controversial
2021 Cheryl Wang The Problem of Pain: The Difficulty of Valuing Human Suffering in Medical Malpractice Law
2021 Sarah Ziegenhorn Other People's Pain
2022 Alex Belzer Socioeconomic perspectives on interactions with the health care system: A collection of three fictional short stories
2022 Liana Meffert Metaphors in Medicine: The Body Speaks