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Biomedical Science Graduate Program Curriculum

Fall Semester

Course # Title Semester Hour(s)
BMED:5207 Principles of Molecular & Cellular Biology 3
BMED:5208 Topics in Principles of Molecular and Cellular Biology 1
BMED:7777 Biomedical Science Seminar 1
BMED:7888 Biomedical Science Research Arranged
  Choose one of the following statistics courses  
PCOL:5204 Basic Biostatistics and Experimental Design  1
BIOS:4120 Introduction to Biostatistics (lecture and discussion sections) 3
Elective Elective Relevant to Subprogam Arranged
  TOTAL 15


Spring Semester 

Course # Title Semester Hour(s)
PATH:5270 Pathogenesis of Major Human Diseases 3
MMED:6260 Methods for Molecular/Translational Medicine 1
Elective Subprogram specific courses or electives Arranged
PHAR:6504 Mastering Reproducible Science  1
BMED:7777 Biomedical Science Seminar 1
BMED:7888 Biomedical Science Research Arranged


Course Description

BMED:5207 Principles Molecular & Cellular Biology. The goals of this course are to familiarize graduate students with important principles and key concepts in contemporary molecular and cellular biology; to help students develop the skills required to critically evaluate research publications; and to familiarize students with the experimental techniques utilized to test specific hypotheses. These goals will be achieved through formal lectures on specific topics, and discussions that focus on evaluation of published research papers (recent or classic).

BMED:5208 Topics in Principles of Molecular & Cellular Biology. Research literature discussion that parallels subjects discussed in BMED:5207 Principles of Molecular & Cellular Biology.

PHAR:6504  Mastering Reproducible Science.   This one credit hour course will focus on concepts and tools behind conducting modern scientific inquiries in a rigorous and reproducible manner.  This course will address a number of issues, presented by experts in a given area, through lecture and discussion sessions, and will introduce first year Biomedical Science Graduate Program students to Rigor and Reproducibility in Biomedical Science.

BMED:7777 Biomedical Science Seminar. This course focuses on a range of professional development opportunities for first year graduate students. Faculty seminars feature research and career retrospective presentations from local and visiting professors, exposing students to a variety of career pathways for biomedical scientists. Workshop sessions provide direct instruction on scientific writing and oral presentation skills. Students also present their research in short talks and receive detailed feedback from course faculty and peers.

BMED:7888 Biomedical Science Research rotation. Students will do 3 lab rotations in the laboratories of BSP faculty members beginning the first week of the fall semester and ending with the last week of the Spring semester.

BIOS:4120 Application of statistical techniques to biological data including descriptive statistics, probability and distributions, sampling distributions, nonparametric methods, hypothesis tests, confidence intervals, analysis of categorical data, and simple linear regression; designed for non-biostatistics majors and M.P.H. students. 

PCOL:5204 Basic Biostatistics & Experimental Design. Overview of theory of experimental design and data analysis in biological sciences; types of analyses available for common types of data generated in biomedical sciences; review of statistical methods; basic coverage of mathematical computations involved in various analytical tests.

PATH:5270 Pathogenesis of Major Human Diseases. Critical analysis of pathogenesis models in a series of major human diseases; clinical presentations; analysis of cellular and molecular events leading to diseases; discussion of key papers from the primary scientific literature. 

MMED:6260 Methods for Molecular/Translational Medicine. Basic and advanced scientific techniques used to integrate biological questions in molecular and translational medicine.