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Lokesh Lab

  • Assistance with protein purification
  • Protein purity analysis by dynamic light scattering
  • Molecular weight determination by static light scattering
  • Set-up of crystallization screens using commercial and facility-made conditions
  • Preliminary x-ray screening of crystals
  • Data collection of quality crystals at facility x-ray source and synchrotrons
  • Data processing using d*TREK, XDS and mosflm
  • Structure determination using MR, SAD, MAD, MIR techniques with ccp4, Phenix, Phaser, SHELX, SHARP/autoSHARP
  • Structure refinement and fitting using Refmac, Phenix, Coot
  • Structure visualization and analysis using PyMOL, VMD, Chimera
  • Homology modeling and docking
  • SAXS data collection, processing and modeling