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Administrative Services Coordinator for the Summer Health Professionals Education Program (SHPEP) and Community Outreach - Monique Galpin

Administrative Services Coordinator for the Summer Health Professionals EducationGalpin Program (SHPEP) and Community Outreach 

Monique Galpin - monique-galpin@uiowa.edu

Monique Galpin is the Administrative Services Coordinator for the Summer Health Professions Education Program (SHPEP) and Community Outreach. She joined the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in October 2018 after eight years of working for the Office of the Vice President for Medical Affairs and Dean of the Carver College of Medicine. Monique earned her Bachelor of Liberal Studies in Global Studies from the University of Iowa. She is also a member of the UI African American Council, the Emma Goldman Clinic Board of Directors, and other Iowa City community organizations.

Monique is responsible for promoting, recruiting, and programming for the SHPEP program. SHPEP is free six-week summer enrichment program focused on improving access to information and resources for college freshmen and sophomores interested in the health professions. This includes the Carver College of Medicine, College of Dentistry, College of Pharmacy, and College of Public Health. SHPEP’s goal is to strengthen the academic proficiency and career development of students underrepresented in the health professions and prepare them for a successful application and matriculation to health professions schools. These students include, but are not limited to, individuals who identify as African American/Black, Native American and/or Alaska Native and Hispanic/Latino. It also includes those who are from communities of socioeconomic and educational disadvantage. SHPEP is a national program funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation with direction and technical assistance provided by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) and the American Dental Education Association (ADEA).