Congratulations Dr. Yamauchi!

Congratulations Dr. Yamauchi on his recent publication on alcohol-intoxicated bicycle injuries!  Nice work!

 Emergency department outpatient treatment of alcohol-intoxicated bicyclists increases the cost of medical care in Japan.  Homma Y, Yamauchi S, Mizobe M, Nakashima Y, Takahashi J, Funakoshi H, Urayama KY, Ohde S, Takahashi O, Shiga T.  PLoS One. 2017 Mar 22;12(3):e0174408. doi: 0.1371/journal.pone.0174408. eCollection 2017.  PMID: 28329002 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE] Free PMC Article  

Monday, August 28, 2017