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Meet Our Research Staff

Research Leadership

Nicholas Mohr, MD, MS

Vice Chair of Research

Email: nicholas-mohr@uiowa.edu

Kari Harland, MPH, PhD

Director of Research Operations

Email: kari-harland@uiowa.edu

Research Coordinators

Cathy Fairfield, RN, BSN

Emergency Department Research Coordinator

Email: catherine-fairfield@uiowa.edu

Kelli Wallace, MS, CCRC

Residency and Medical Student Research Coordinator

Email: kelli-wallace@uiowa.edu

Graduate Research Assistants

Morgan Bobb Swanson, BS

Email: morgan-bobb@uiowa.edu

Priyanka Vakkalanka, ScM

Email: priyanka-vakkalanka@uiowa.edu

Research Interns

Hannah McKay

Email: hannah-mckay@uiowa.edu

Aspen Miller

Email: aspen-miller@uiowa.edu

Mitchell Shaffer

Email: mitchell-shaffer@uiwoa.edu

Cole Wymore

Email: cole-wymore@uiowa.edu