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Meet Our Research Staff

Research Leadership

Nicholas Mohr, MD, MS

Vice Chair of Research

Professor of Emergency Medicine, Anesthesia Critical Care, and Epidemiology  

Email: nicholas-mohr@uiowa.edu

Brett Faine, PharmD, MS

Director of Research Operations

Clinical Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine and Pharmacy

Email: brett-faine@uiowa.edu

Cathy Fairfield, RN, BSN

Lead Clinical Research Coordinator

Email: catherine-fairfield@uiowa.edu

Priyanka Vakkalanka, ScM, PhD

Associate Research Scientist, Research Analysis Team Lead

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Emergency Medicine and Epidemiology 

Email: priyanka-vakkalanka@uiowa.edu

Sydney Krispin, MPH, MA

Director of Research Training Programs

Email: sydney-e-anderson@uiowa.edu

Research Faculty

Kari Harland, MPH, PhD

Assistant Professor, Emergency Medicine

Email: kari-harland@uiowa.edu


Sangil Lee, MD, MS

Clinical Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine

Email: sangil-lee@uiowa.edu

Chuck Jennissen, MD

Clinical Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics

Email: charles-jennissen@uiowa.edu


Marina Del Rios, MD

Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine

Email: marina-delrios@uiowa.edu

Anne Zepeski, PharmD, BCPS

Clinical Pharmacist, Emergency Medicine

Clinical Assistant Professor, Emergency Medicine

Email: anne-zepeski@uiowa.edu

Research Analysts

Uche Okoro, MPH, DrPH


Email: uche-okoro@uiowa.edu

Tracy Young, MS


Email: tracy-young@uiowa.edu

Research Coordinators

Karin Nielsen, MS

Email: karin-nielsen@uiowa.edu

Alexander Peebles, BSE

Email: alexander-peebles@uiowa.edu

Cameron Williams, BS

Email: cameron-n-williams@uiowa.edu

Research Admin Staff

Mariah Temple, BA

Administrative Services Coordinator

Email: mariah-temple@uiowa.edu

Kyle Zehrbach, BA

Research Grants Coordinator

Email: kyle-zehrbach@uiowa.edu

Graduate Research Assistants

Eliezer Santos Leon, MPH

Graduate Research Assistant

Email: eliezer-santos@uiowa.edu

Devin Spolsdoff, BA

Graduate Research Assistant

Email: devin-spolsdoff@uiowa.edu

Research Interns

Vanko Gustavo Bicar, BA

Email: vankogustavo-bicar@uiowa.edu

Heath Gibbs, BA

Email: heath-gibbs@uiowa.edu

Noble Briggs, BS

Email: noble-briggs@uiowa.edu

Malea Pinckney, BS

Email: malea-pinckney@uiowa.edu