Eye clinic adds new glaucoma specialist

The Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences is pleased to announce the addition of new faculty member, Marc Toeteberg-Harms, MD, FEBO to the eye care team, starting June 10, 2024.

Dr. Toeteberg relocated to Iowa City from his role as Associate Professor for the Department of Ophthalmology and James and Jean Culver Vision Discovery Institute at Augusta University in Augusta, GA. Prior to his faculty position at Augusta, Dr. Toeteberg served as Director of the Glaucoma Service and Director of Inpatient Ophthalmology for University Hospital Zurich, Department of Ophthalmology in Zurich Switzerland. After completing his residency training in Germany and Switzerland, Dr. Toeteberg completed fellowship training in Boston, MA and Cleveland, OH.

In his free time, Dr. Toeteberg enjoys spending time with his family, sailing, and skiing. When asked about his passion for ophthalmology, Dr. Toeteberg said, “I am passionate about helping my patients and being there for them throughout their disease. Glaucoma is a chronic disease, and as a physician, you have the chance to build a relationship with your patients while you help them treat their glaucoma over the years and decades.”

Welcome, Dr. Toeteberg!

Monday, June 10, 2024