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Research Projects

Current Projects

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality ACTION IV with the Iowa Research Network

IRENE PI: Barcey Levy, PhD, MD

Dates: 5 years (5/27/2020 – 5/26/2025)

Goals for future task orders are:

  • A heavy focus on field-based, real-world informed development, testing and implementation of new approaches for improving care safety and quality;
  • Use of multi-disciplinary teams to conduct research and quality improvement in diverse real world care settings;
  • Develop practical tools, guidance and training for implementation and sustainment of new approaches or interventions; and
  • Collaborate with engaged stakeholders from multiple sectors to support broad-based implementation and dissemination.

ASPirin in Reducing Events in the Elderly (ASPREE)

Investigator:  Michael Ernst, PharmD

Elder Mistreatment/Elder Abuse

Investigators: Jeanette Daly, RN, PhD; Gerald Jogerst, MD

Meta-network Learning and Research Center (Meta-LARC)

Investigators: Barcey Levy, PhD, MD; Jeanette Daly, PhD