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Five Year Goals

A major metric of success will be grant support. We expect that in five years each of the hires will have 75% salary support on externally funded grants as either principal investigator or co-principal investigator.

Further goals are that we have a substantial growth in undergraduates taking genetics-oriented coursework and going into specialty fields that include genetics such as bioinformatics and computational biology. We expect that our existing training grants will have continued support and that at least one new training grant has been obtained that benefits from the expanded genetics community.

Community engagement and public awareness of genetics should also increase, we should be participants in efforts to address the legal and social issues relevant to genetics and we should see the integration of genetics into regular clinical practice in medicine, nursing, dentistry, psychology and other health related areas. There should be an increase in the commercialization of genetics related findings through the Office of the Vice President for Research, clearer expectations for genetics in Institutional Review Board activities and a better understanding of the role of genetics at the state level in public health and education. 

Finally, genetics should be both more visible and integrated into campus life as a whole and Iowa should be a national leader in genetics teaching, education and research.