Embryo Derivation, Thaw and Reanimation Services

The Genome Editing Facility does provide "mouse rederivation services" or more accurately mouse derivation via embryo transfer. This process involves the mating of infected males with clean female mice. The next day before any infection can become  full blown, the fertilized embryos are harvested and washed 12 times by very carefully moving the embryos through wash medium with the minimum of  transferred medium.  These washed embryos are implanted into an specific pathogen free (SPF) or clean foster mother to be brought to term. At weaning, the embryo derived pups are tail tipped and their genotype is determined via PCR. Founders are then determined. At least one non founder pup per litter and the mothers are kept until the embryo derived pups are 2 months of age to provide ample time for infection from the mother and to raise anti-pathogen antibody titers.  The mother along with a non founder pup are submitted to animal pathology for a serology panel and PCR analysis for pathogens. Those mice determined to have a (SPF) status are then released to the investigator. Any infected pups (very rare) will be euthanized.