Fee Schedule

Blastocyst Injection Service

129-based ES cells $4000
C57BL/6-based ES cells     $5000
KOMP ES cells $5000
IGTM ES cells $5000
Hybrid ES cells price dependent on cell history
and passage number

Embryo Derivation Service

   UI Embryo Derivation to SPF Status $975
   External Clients $1200

Gene Targeting Service

   Gene Targeting in mouse ES cells
   (Selection of 488 drug resistant ES cell clones)
   PCR screening of selected clones Included

Genotyping Mouse Colonies

   Tail prep $4 / tail prep
   PCR Reaction $4 / PCR reaction

In Vitro Fertilization Service

Per strain $1000

Pronuclear Injection Service

Internal Investigator Fees

   Basic Transgenic Mouse Production $5000
   Generation of BAC Transgenic Mice $6000
   PCR-based Mouse Colony Screening Included

External Investigator Fees

   Internal fees plus 50%  

Sperm Cryopreservation Service*

*The current fee is supported by both the Office of the Vice President for Research and Economic Development and the Roy J. Carver Trust.

   Per Mouse Line $1000