Sperm Cryopreservation Service

Sperm cryo preservation is a procedure whereby sperm is harvested usually from experienced two male donors (aged 10-16 weeks old). The samples are then placed in specialized freezing solution, drawn up into labeled freezing straws and methodically frozen. The long term storage of the samples currently is in LN2 freezers at The Jackson Labs (TYJL).  After 3 years, TJL  will charge a yearly storage fee for each strain deposited with them. This is an ideal method to archive highly valuable mouse lines thereby isolating them from some unforeseen problem in animal care like a parvovirus outbreak,  from severe storm damage, a protracted disruption of utilities such as electricity or water supply or an unexpected loss of funding. Frozen sperm samples can be used to rapidly rebuild a mouse colony. Reanimation of cryo preserved mouse lines can be accomplished by in vitro fertilization or intra cytoplasmic sperm injection. To get started download a service request form and follow the direction.