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A common question we get in the division is if we are willing to accept authorship on a paper in place of payment for consultation. The University of Iowa policy on authorship is listed here. In general the policy is quite clear that intellectual contributions are the driver for inclusion on the author list. Since we are a core facility, we are obligated to do cost recovery and this cost recovery usually has no relationship to the level of intellectual contribution. Where our contribution is a simple analysis performed under your direction or the contribution is simply use of the division’s resources it may be more appropriate to cite the division as a part of the acknowledgement section. Both author inclusion and acknowledgements are an important part of how our division is evaluated. 

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Acknowledge the Bioinformatics Division

Data presented herein were obtained at the Bioinformatics Division of the Iowa Institute of Human Genetics which is supported, in part, by the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine.