Sample Preparation and Fees

Real-time PCR Sample Preparation and Fees

Access to the real-time instrumentation is first gained by making a reservation using the on-line calendaring system. The investigator then brings their plate, ready to load on the instrument, along with their completed real-time PCR request form (printed after making your reservation) prior to their reservation time. Results are provided via email or can be transferred to a portable drive provided by the investigator.

  • Users are responsible for setting up their own reactions.
  • Samples should be supplied to the division in tubes or plates that are ready to be placed into the instrument
  • Users are responsible for acquiring the reaction reagents, primers, probe, and reaction vessel
  • Real-time PCR reagents and consumables are available from the Biomedical Research Store (2nd Floor EMRB)
  • The division will be responsible for setting up the instrument and data collection

Cost per run: $20/plate

Digital PCR Sample Preparation and Fees

First time users should consult with the service personnel to obtain best practices for setting up and running a dPCR assay on the BioRad QX200 system.

  1. Come to the Genomics Division (116 EMRB) and make a reservation on the calendar next to the instrument. Please note the process will take 4 to 5 hours, depending on the number of samples.
  2.  The user is responsible for purchasing ddPCR supermix/master mix and droplet generator oil. Please note that different ddPCR Supermixes and Droplet Generator Oils are used for probe- and Eva green-based assays. The BioRad ddPCR supermixes and droplet generator oil can be purchased at the Biomedical Research Store (2nd floor EMRB).
  3.  Please prepare your PCR reactions prior to coming to the core. You will need to transfer 20 ul of your PCR reaction into the droplet generator cartridge, so it is recommended that you prepare 22 to 25 ul PCR reactions to account for void volume. Including a negative control is strongly encouraged as it will help the analysis software discriminate positive from negative reactions.
  4. Bring your prepared PCR reactions AND with your Droplet Generator Oil to the core at your reserved time. The service will provide you the remaining items needed to complete your project.

There are 2 fees that are assessed for each project run on the ddPCR system: 1) sample preparation fee and 2) instrument fee.

1. The sample preparation fee is based on running sets of 8 samples (the Droplet Generator Cartridge holds 8 samples) and includes the consumables required to process 8 samples.

ddPCR Sample Fee = $25 (per 8 samples)

2. The instrument fee covers the cost to have the service contract and perform the necessary maintenance runs required to keep the instrument running optimally.

Instrument Fee = $55 (per QX200 scan)

Examples of Fee Calculations

The Project Charge would be the sum of the Sample and Instrument Fees. 
The cost to run 8 samples would be $10/sample.
     $25 (sample fee) + $55 (Instrument fee) = $80

The cost to run 96 samples would be $3.70/sample
     $300 (12 sets of 8 sample fees) + $55 (Instrument fee) = $355

Contact Information

116 EMRB
Phone: (319) 335-7928