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Welcomed from the greater UI academic community, members will include scientists engaged in basic and applied research, education, and clinical studies of immunology and immune-based diseases, and will thus comprise a diverse group of investigators with a shared interest in immunology in its broadest sense and a collective expertise necessary to advance understanding of the multifaceted roles of the immune system in biology. If you would like to be involved with this interactive and collaborative immunology community, apply to become a member.

Center for Immunology Member Directory



Primary Appointment

Secondary Appointment


Francois Abboud  Professor Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Research Center    
Ghada Abusin  Clinical Assistant Professor Pediatrics    
Lee-Ann Allen Professor Internal Medicine Division of Infectious Diseases Microbiology Allen
Michael Apicella  Professor Microbiology Internal Medicine Apicella
Robert Ashman Professor Emeritus Rheumatology, Internal Medicine, Immunology Microbiology  
Vladimir Badovinac  Assistant Professor Pathology Graduate Immunology Program Badovinac 
Zuhair Ballas  Professor Division Directory of Immunology    
Jason Barker Assistant Professor Internal Medicine Division of Infectious Diseases    
Sarmistha Bhattacharya    Assistant Research Scientist/Engineer Internal Medicine    
Gail Bishop Professor Microbiology Internal Medicine, Immunology, Molecular & Cellular Biology Bishop
Christopher Blosser Clincal Assistant Professor Internal Medicine Pediatrics  
Kim Brogden     Professor Dow Institute for Dental Research Periodontics Brogden
Patrick Brophy     Associate Professor Pediatrics Surgery Brophy
James Brown Professor Urology Biomedical Engineering  
John Butler Professor Emeritus Microbiology    
Noah Butler Associate Professor Microbiology    
Suzanne Cassel  Assistant Professor Internal Medicine    
Yury Chaly    Research Assistant Professor Rheumatology    
Songhai Chen  Assistant Professor Pharmacology Internal Medicine Chen
Amit Choudhury  Assistant Professor Anatomy & Cell Biology Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation Choudhury
John Colgan  Associate Professor Internal Medicine Anatomy and Cell Biology, Immunology, Molecular and Cellular Biology Colgan
Arlene Drack  Associate Professor Ophthalmology Pediatrics/Genetics, Interdisciplinary Genetics Program  
Martine Dunnwald  Research Assistant Professor Pediatrics    
Adam Dupuy  Associate Professor Anatomy & Cell Biology Pathology  
Janet Fairley  Professor Dermatology    
Mary Beth Fasano  Clinical Professor Division of Immunology; Department of Internal Medicine    
Polly Ferguson Associate Professor Rheumatology Pediatrics  
Elizabeth Field Professor Internal Medicine    
Alicia Gerke  Assistant Professor Pathology    
Katherine Gibson-Corley   Assistant Professor Department of Pathology   Gibson-Corley  
Theresa Gioannini  Research Scientist/Engineer Internal Medicine Biochemistry Gioannini
Apollina Goel  Assistant Professor Radiation Oncology MCB, Pathology, MSTP  Goel
Joel Graff Research Assistant Professor Internal Medicine Infectious Disease  
Prajwal Gurung Assistant Professor Infectious Diseases    
John Harty  Professor Microbiology Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Immunology, Pathology Harty
Sailesh Harwani Assistant Professor Cardiology; Internal Medicine Cardiovascular Disease  
Ihab Hassan  Clinical Assistant Professor Pulmonary    
Jonathan Heusel  Clinical Associate Professor Pathology   Heusel
Raphael Hirsch  Professor Pediatrics   Hirsch
Alexander Horswill  Associate Professor Microbiology    
Bruce Hostager  Associate Research Scientist/Engineer   Internal Medicine    
Jon Houtman  Associate Professor Microbiology   Houtman
Jacob IJdo  Clinical Associate Professor Internal Medicine, Immunology    
Siegfried Janz  Professor Pathology   Janz
Keith Jarosinski Research Assistant Professor Microbiology    
Palle Jorgensen  Professor Mathematics    
Nitin Karandikar  Professor Pathology    
Vicki Kee  Clinical Assistant Professor Drug Information Pharmacist, Iowa Drug Information Service Clinical Assistant Professor, College of Pharmacy  
Aloysius Klingehutz Associate Professor Microbiology Radiation Biology  
Julia Klesney-Tait  Assistant Professor Internal Medicine    
Kevin Legge  Associate Professor Pathology Microbiology Legge
Tong Li Professor Mathematics AMCS Program Li
Scott Lieberman    Assistant Professor Pediatrics (Division of Rheumatology)    
David Lubaroff  Professor Urology Microbiology and Immunology  
Ashutosh Mangalam Assistant Professor Pathology    
Thorsten Maretzky Assistant Professor Internal Medicine    
Wendy Maury  Associate Professor Microbiology Molecular and Cellular Biology Maury
Paul McCray Professor Pediatrics Microbiology, Internal Medicine  
Steven McElroy  Assistant Professor Pediatrics       McElroy
Jefferey Meier  Associate Professor Internal Medicine    
Xianbing Meng  Research Assistant Professor Obstetrics and Gynecology   Meng
Ahmed Metwali  Assistant Research Scientist/Engineer Gastroenterology/HEP    
David Meyerholz  Associate Professor Pathology   Meyerholz
Francis Miller Associate Professor Internal Medicine Anatomy and Cell Biology, Free Radical & Radiation Biology  
Martha Monick     Research Professor Medicine    
Jessica Moreland  Professor Pediatrics    
Craig Morita  Associate Professor Internal Medicine Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Immunology Morita
William Nauseef  Professor Internal Medicine Division of Infectious Diseases   Microbiology Nauseef
Carla Nester Assistant Professor Pediatrics Medicine  
John Newell  Professor Radiology Biomedical Engineering  
Lyse Norian  Assistant Professor Urology    
Michael Pentella  Clinical Associate Professor State Hygienic Lab College of Public Health, Epidemiology  
Stanley Perlman  Professor Microbiology Pediatrics Perlman
John Durham Peters Professor Communication Studies   Peters
Christy Petersen Associate Professor Epidemiology Microbiology  
Robert Piper Professor Molecular Physiology and Biophysics Internal Medicine Piper
Nacy Ray Assistant Research Scientist/Engineer Cancer Center Internal Medicine  
Stephen Russell Professor Ophthalmology    
Aliasger Salem Associate Professor Pharmaceutical  Engineering Salem
Donna Santillan  Research Assistant Professor Obstetrics and Gynecology    
Mark Santillan  Assistant Professor Obstetrics and Gynecology    
Patrick Schlievert  Professor, DEO  Microbiology   Schlievert
Alvaro Serrano Russi  Clinical Assistant Professor Pediatrics    
Joel Shilyansky  Professor Surgery    
Madhu Singh  Research Assistant Professor Internal Medicine    
Sushmita Sinha  Research Assistant Professor Research    
Kathleen Sluka  Professor Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science College of Nursing  
Richard Smith Professor Otolaryngology Internal Medicine, Pediatrics Smith
Tara Smith Adjunct Associate Professor Epidemiology   Smith
Janice Staber Assistant Professor Pediatrics    
Jack Stapleton  Professor Internal Medicine Division of Infectious Diseases Microbiology and Immunology, Interdisciplinary Program on Molecular and Cellular Biology   Stapleton
Laura Stunz  Associate Research Scientist/Engineer Microbiology    
Fayyaz Sutterwala  Associate Professor Infectious Diseases   Sutterwala
Andrea Swenson  Clinical Assistant Professor Neurology   Swenson 
Peter Thorne  Professor Occupational & Environmental Health Civil & Environmental Engineering Thorne
Srikantha Thyagarajan Assistant Research Scientist/Engineer Biology, DSHB    
Aliye Uc  Associate Professor Pediatrics Radiation Oncology Uc
Daniel Vaena  Clinical Associate Professor Internal Medicine/Hematology Oncology BMT     
Steven Varga  Associate Professor Microbiology Pathology Varga
Suresh Veeramani  Assistant Research Scientist/Engineer Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center   Veeramani
Scott Vogelgesang Clinical Professor Rheumatology Internal Medicine  
Paige Volk  Assistant Professor Pediatrics   Volk
Thomas Waldschmidt  Professor Pathology   Waldschmidt
Hong Wang Assistant Research Scientist/Engineer Rheumatology    
George Weiner  Professor Internal Medicine   Weiner
Joshua Weiner  Associate Professor Biology   Weiner
Jerry Weiss  Professor Infectious Diseases, Internal Medicine Internal Medicine, Microbiology, Immunology  
Mary Wilson Professor Internal Medicine & Microbiology Epidemiology Wilson
Hai-Hui Xue  Associate Professor Microbiology   Xue
Liping Yu  Research Scientist/Engineer College of Medicine Biochemistry Yu
Nicholas Zavazava  Professor Internal Medicine Biomedical Engineering Zavazava
Jian Zhang Professor Pathology   Zhang