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COVID-19 Reources and Updates

Recorded Virtual Town Hall meetings (hawkid required)


Mental health hotline: 319-678-4148
- to speak with a psychiatry provider - staffed 24/7 - free of charge

Email URGENT QUESTIONS to IntMedChairDaleAbel@healthcare.uiowa.edu

Submit COVID-19 questions, topic suggestions, panelist requests, etc: https://uiowa.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_ebUu57OcNhhAQBf

Clinical Trials:

  • Healthcare Worker Exposure Response & Outcomes (HERO Registry) https://heroesresearch.org/
  • Remdesivir for Moderate and Severe COVID-19 infection
    • Enrollment: Severe - 16 patients; moderate  - 6 patients
    • Study Team
      • Debra Phab, AJ Carr, Michelle Rodenburg, Laura Stulken, Laura Knosp, Erin Cline, Sammantha Kouba
      • Dilek Ince, Patricia Winokur, jack Stapleton, Alejandro Comellas, Daniel Diekema, Lukasz Wiener, Jeffrey Meier
    • Contact: 319-356-4848
  • COVID-19 convalescent plasma donation eligibility
    • Enrollment: 28 patients
    • Study Team
      • AJ Carr, Michelle Rodenburg, Laura Stulken, Julie Kurt, Sammantha Kouba, Debra Phab, Erin Cline
      • Patricia Winokur, Dilek Ince, Mike Knudson
    • Contact: 319-356-4848

Where to donate PPE: https://uihc.org/kind-donations

Procedure for employees turned away at Entrance Screening: https://medcom.uiowa.edu/theloop/hr-employee-health
 - scroll down to “Employee screening and hospital access;” University Employee Health Clinic: 319-356-3631

Direct serologic questions to Dr. Zuhair Ballas

Iowa Department of Public Health: https://coronavirus.iowa.gov/ (new website)

The Loop COVID-19 resources

CalSurv (UC Davis COVID-19 Trends): https://covid19.calsurv.org/

CAPC (Center to Advance Palliative Care): https://www.capc.org/toolkits/covid-19-response-resources/

High Yield Sections (if short on time):
COVID-Ready Communication Skills: A VitalTalk Open Source Primer
COVID Goals of Care: Conversation Script
COVID Goals of Care Conversation: Video Example

For ICU:
Vent Withdrawal: Shared-Decision-Making Conversation Script
Vent Withdrawal: Conversation Script for Crisis/Triage Standards of Care
Vent Withdrawal Conversation: 2-Minute Video Example