12:00pm Cardiology Grand Rounds

"AMI Complicated by Cardiogenic Shock" by Chak Inampudi, MD

Location: Heart & Vascular Conference Room, 4999 JPP Pappajohn Pavilion

12:00pm Lymphoma Conference

Location: Hamilton Library, C307 GH General Hospital

12:00pm Nephrology Hypertension Conference

‘An Overview of HLA Typing, antibody Testing and Crossmatching in Transplantation’ by Christie Thomas, MBBS

Location: Marcus Conference Room, E316 GH General Hospital

2:00pm Endocrine Fellows' Curriculum Lecture Series

"Paget’s disease and Rickets" by Amal Shibli-Rahhal

Location: C423-1 GH General Hospital

4:00pm Endocrine Clinical Conference

Presenter: Dr. Ansar

Location: C423-1 GH General Hospital