8:00am Hem-Onc Journal Club/Patient Conference

Location: Hamilton Library, C307 GH General Hospital

12:00pm Cardiology Core Curriculum Conference

Atrial Fibrillation by Dr. Mazur

Location: Marcus Conference Room, E316 GH General Hospital

12:00pm Pulmonary Core Conference

“Stroke-Evaluation & Treatment” by Enrique Leira, MD

Location: C322 GH General Hospital

1:00pm Immunology Grand Rounds

"Asthma and Innate Immunity" by Karen Chen

Location: C423-1 GH General Hospital

2:00pm Rheumatology Conference

Cliical Stumpers by Dr. Varghese

Location: C423-1 GH General Hospital

3:15pm CADRE Works in Progress Seminar

Presenter: Tina Cifra

Location: 5289 CBRB Carver Biomedical Research Building

4:00pm EP Didactic Conference

Location: Heart Center Conference Room, 4214 RCP Carver Pavilion

4:00pm Immunology Seminar

"Human defects in NF-kappaB signaling"

By Karin Chen, MD
Assistant Professor
Division of Allergy & Immunology
Department of Pediatrics
University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT

Location: 1289 Carver Biomedical Research Building

4:30pm Nephrology Grand Rounds

"TBD" by Prerna kumar, MD and "Interesting Case Presentation" by Kathy Lee-Son, MD

Location: Bean Conference Room, SE301 GH General Hospital