Iowa Neuroscience Institute (INI) Accelerator Grant Announcement

Iowa Neuroscience Institute (INI) Accelerator Grant

Submit Applications by Wednesday September 20, 2017


An important goal of the INI is to support new and existing, high impact neuroscience research at the University of Iowa.  To accomplish these goals, the INI is seeking applications for INI accelerator grants. These may involve starting a new project, gathering additional preliminary data for a grant that has been scored but needs specific additional data to get it over the line, or extending research from an existing grant to increase the impact or branch into a new direction.  



  • Must focus on a neuroscience topic that is new, or adds value to existing research by providing critical pilot data for a scored grant application, or extends funded research into a new or important direction.
  • May be basic, translational, or clinical neuroscience
  • Applications can be from any college.
  • Must be from 1 (or more) PIs who are either members of the INI or who could qualify for INI membership.



  • Cover page that includes: Project title, Principal Investigator’s contact information, Co-PI’s information, and a non-confidential lay abstract highlighting the goal and importance of the project.
  • A one-page description of the project including: significance, scientific goals and the value added to the investigator’s research program.
  • Grant reviews for relevant recently submitted application that missed the pay line.
  • A half-page description of the budget and a budget justification.  Direct costs for research (e.g., research personnel, core usage, animal care, etc) are allowed.  Travel, tuition and faculty salary are not allowable expenses. 
  • Investigator(s) NIH biosketch including current funding.
  • Send applications electronically as PDF document to
  • Additional materials may be required after submission for review.




INI pilot grants will be evaluated on

  • Scientific impact and approach
  • Potential for new or additional funding, e.g., through extramural grants



  • We will consider projects taking one to two years to complete.
  • Awards will be up to $75,000.
  • Awardees must report final progress to the Iowa Neuroscience Institute.



  • Applications due by Wednesday September 20, 2017.



Meghan Lawler




Monday, July 31, 2017