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Vision Research

Macular degeneration

The Institute for Vision Research is a translational, interdisciplinary organization whose 30 faculty members and over 100 staff members belong to eight different departments and four different colleges at the university, as well as the VA Health Care System.

This breadth of knowledge and experience allows the Institute to take on research problems that require, for example, computational scientists in the College of Engineering to help analyze large amounts of data that are gathered by practicing inherited eye disease specialists in the Carver College of Medicine. It requires knowledge of the genetics of common and rare eye diseases to expertise in stem cell biology to decipher how mutations lead to disease, and to determine the most appropriate path forward for new treatments.

Neuro-ophthalmology faculties of the Institute provide specialized knowledge and clinical expertise to investigate and treat disorders of the central nervous system affecting visual and oculomotor pathways. This provides an additional neuroscience perspective which interfaces well with other neuroscientists and clinician-scientists in neurology, neuro-radiology, psychiatry and neurosurgery.

The mission of the Institute for Vision Research is to cure blindness through basic and clinical research.

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