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Internship Orientation

last modified on: Mon, 11/13/2023 - 14:44

The otolaryngology clinic and operating room have a number of specialty specific practices which may be different from the rest of your internship training. Prior to beginning your two month rotation with the service, please complete the following items:

1 - Meet with the clinic nurse manager to discuss general clinic policy, use of clinic supplies and equipment and appropriate handling of the flexible fiberoptic scopes.

2 - Meet with the outgoing intern to receive appropriate patient sign off and rounding information.

3 - Review the resident handbook on the Head and Neck Protocols website.

4 - Practice the flexible fiberoptic examination with the intern and another junior. This should emphasize technique, anatomic considerations and appropriate handling of the scopes.

5 - Review otolaryngology specific templates and documentation in Epic as this may be different from other internship clinics. (Example - templates document tuning fork examinations, flexible exams, etc.) This can be done with the intern or another junior resident.

6 - Review how to staff operating room cases with the staff and senior residents.

If there are any difficulties or questions, please contact the senior residents on the Head and Neck team or the chief residents.