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PTH and vitamin D protocol

last modified on: Tue, 03/06/2018 - 13:57

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Postop PTH and vitamin D protocol

This is an audit of PTH measurements and vitamin D to correlate with ionized calcium postop and we are planning to continue for a year and evaluate our results at that time. The protocol that we are following is outlined below.

This applies to total thyroidectomies, completion thyroids, total laryngectomies and other procedures that you check ionized calciums postop.

1. In PACU the following labs need to be drawn: PTH (not rapid just the regular), ionized calcium and vitamin D* (it comes up as *{*}vitamin D, 25-hydroxy* in EPIC)

2. ionized calcium is checked q8h postop

3. All patients are put on 1g elemental calcium (2.5 g Tums) TID