Applicant Housing Form

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The Applicant Housing Program is designed to enhance the interview experience of applicants by providing free housing with medical students.  This allows the applicant to experience the medical school from the view of a current student and to gain added insight into the Carver College of Medicine. Housing is limited  to one night only unless there are extreme circumstances.  Housing is subject to availability of medical students, with a minimum of two-week notice prior to the date of your arrival. Interviewee is responsible for their transportation to and from the place they are staying.

Please be aware that students may be busy studying during the applicant's visit and prepare accordingly.

At the Carver College of Medicine (CCOM), we work to foster an environment where all members of the student body feel welcome and accepted. There are a variety of multicultural groups that incoming students are encouraged to get involved in. Please indicate if you would like to stay with a member from one of the following groups and we will try our best to accommodate your selection:  

 SNMA (Student National Medical Association): SNMA is the oldest and largest independent, student-run organization dedicated to people of color and underserved communities. Community service is the heart and soul. SNMA works to eliminate health disparities between patients of different color and background. SNMA helps the development of minorities in medicine and hopes to create culturally-competent physicians. Goals this year for the group include education on issues in medicine, community building and community service. 

 LMSA (Latino Medical Student Association): The purpose of LMSA is to address the health needs of the Latino community, as well as create an environment for recruitment and academic support of individuals in the health care professions who will strive to improve access and delivery of healthcare to Latinos and medically underserved populations. Goals include reducing overall health and treatment outcome disparities between the Latino community and the general population, shaping policies towards that goal, and encouraging biomedical research of interest to the Latino community.

EQUAL Meds: The mission of EQUAL Meds is to educate the CCOM community about health issues pertaining to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and/or questioning (LGBTQ) patients while providing a support network for LGBTQ health professional students, faculty, and allies. One of the most active medical clubs, EQUAL Meds organizes several lunch hour presentations every year, in addition to co-sponsoring workshops, film screenings, and social events relevant to LGBTQ interests. Our goals are to improve healthcare access, safety, and acceptance for LGBTQ patients through education and engagement of future care givers.

 MSAP (Medical Student Ambassador Program): The primary mission of MSAP (Medical Student Ambassador Program) is to make prospective students feel welcome at The Carver College of Medicine. Students in MSAP have lunch with prospective students on the day of their interview, provide tours, answer questions about the school and student life, and provide housing to interested applicants during their time in Iowa City. MSAP also participates in community outreach programs and works with schools throughout the community to educate students about science, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and the healthcare field.