How Med Student Parents Make It Happen

In the first of a two-part answer to listener Courtney's question, Dr. Tom McNalley (MD '04) joins the gang to assure her that it is possible to be a parent of three small children while studying medicine. Also, we take personality inventories and compare the results; do we have what it takes to be in medical school?

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Tales from the Clinic: from Theory to Practice

We revisit this weeks' co-hosts fears of moving into the clinical curriculum--were their fears realized? The US's largest health insurance company is sick of their patients' bullshit. Needle exchanges may be coming to Iowa, and the work of our own Sarah Ziegenhorn, a 2nd year medical student here at Iowa and executive director of the Iowa Harm Reduction Coalition was featured on Iowa Public Radio this week. And If you're going to have a robot crawling around inside you, it'd better be cute.

Refusing to Treat: A Collision of Medicine and Conscience

During Human Rights Week at the Carver College of Medicine, we heard some hard truths from national news commentator, human rights activist, and podcaster Angela Rye. In her speech to the College of Medicine, she clued white people in on what black Americans face every day in 2017, and how Martin Luther King, Jr's "I Have a Dream" speech was just the beginning of his activism.

Checking the Boxes: Should You Give Up Your Job To Do Research?

Annie wrote in to to ask Kaci McCleary, Erik Kneller, Gabriel Conley, and Marissa Evers if she should give up her 10-year job as a radiology tech so she'd have time to do research before applying to medical school. As is often the case with these kinds of questions, the answer is no! But maybe yes. In some cases. Later in the show, we say to hell with this brave new world of collaboration-not-competition, and battle to the death! Will neurotoxin triumph over infinite sausage?

Making Clerkships Work

The second-year students are moving from the pre-clinical curriculum to the clerkships this week. This transition is exciting--after all, seeing patients is what they've come to medical school to do, and now it's finally happening. Pat Brau, Kylie MIller, Brady Campbell, and Levi Endelman discuss some of the things they've learned in their Transition to Clerkships week, and Dave has some advice for them on how to get the most out of clerkships and how to get good evaluations for their 'dean's letter' that will make them shine for future residency directors.

Taking Advice is Hard To Do

Listener Arman calls back to thank us for some good advice we gave him on continuing his hobbies and interests outside medical school! Nevertheless, he notes how difficult it often is to take advice, even when we want it, and wonders if we know why? Of course we do, and Levi Endelman, Tony Rosenberg, Mark Moubarek, and Rob Humble are willing to advise him.

Winter Break, Guts and Brains, and Yahoo! Answers

It's winter break at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine. For most people, that means there are a couple weeks to relax and rejuvenate their minds, bodies, and familial relations. Despite a lack of available co-hosts, The Short Coats never take a break, which is why Dave had to invite fellow student affairs staffers Chris Roling (Financial Services) and Kate McKenzie (Admissions) to join MD/PhD student Aline Sandouk and physician assistant student and noob co-host Paul Kretkowski on this week's show.

Man Flu and Other Struggles

As the semester wrapped up, Dave didn't feel it was necessary to ponder great questions or debate contentious issues, so this week's show is pretty newsy...and there's never a shortage of things to talk about there. Of course, Dave had to make up a stupid game for his co-hosts Erik Kneller, Erick Schnieders, Irisa Mahaparn, and Kaci McCleary to play, in which they pimp each other on non-medical topics. Ever heard of bagel-related hand injuries?

Night Float: Choosing a Specialty

From an early age people are asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Whether they knew it all along or discovered their career path along the way, medical students have made a commitment to the answer, “I want to be a doctor.” As soon as that answer is given, however, an equally challenging question awaits. “What kind of doctor do you want to be?” In the second episode of Night Float, Dr. Tony Chung (R1: Ophthalmology), Dr. Travis Snyders (R2: Internal Medicine), and Lisa Wehr (M4) discuss the process of choosing a specialty.