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A Student Health Publication: The Doctor Is In

The Doctor Is In is a student publication/column that was created in collaboration with The Daily Iowan and the UI Carver College of Medicine, UI College of Dentistry, UI College of Pharmacy, and UI Department of Physical Therapy. The idea of the column was for students in professional health programs to write on a topic of their choice that is medically related and has relevance to the health of an undergraduate population. The goal is to not only give students who are interested in writing and the humanities an outlet to publish pieces, but also a way to bridge the divide between the undergraduate and graduate school campuses. It presents an opportunity for students to learn how to convey sophisticated topics to the general public by making them more salient and applicable through the popular press. Members of the group are any and all students involved in graduate/professional programs within the health sciences who are interested in a role as a writer or editor.

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