Core A: Administrative Core

Stacks of filesDirector: Dr. Kevin P. Campbell
Co-Director: Dr. Steven A. Moore

The Paul D. Wellstone Muscular Dystrophy Cooperative Research Center is housed within 11,000 square feet of University research space on the fourth floor of the Carver Biomedical Research Building at the University of Iowa.

This administrative core organizes and directs the flow of project information, distribution of research effort, allocation of budgetary and other resources, preparation of annual budgets and projections, scheduling and facilitating of regular Principal Investigator meetings, and other administrative issues and concerns, including future plans. The administrative core also directs the scientific integration, coordination, and direction of research projects as needed.  This includes consultation with advisors and consultants concerning importance and progress of the research as it relates to other current and developing muscular dystrophy research, identifying seminar speakers and coordinating their participation and contributions to the Center and organizing an annual retreat for the Center Investigators.