Core C: Research Training and Education

Lab memberDirector: Dr. Kevin P. Campbell
Co-Director: Dr. Katherine Mathews

The overall goals of this core are to provide research training and carry out other education-related missions of the MDCRC. In particular, this Core supports two Medical Student Fellowships, a Postdoctoral Fellowship, a Post-Baccalaureate Research Internship, and an Undergraduate Research Fellowship. This training effort is vital because there is an urgent need for basic scientists and clinicians who can partner to develop and test muscular dystrophy therapies. We are particularly interested in training the next generation of neurologists in muscular dystrophy translational research. 

In conjunction with Core A and Project 2, this Core will continue the tradition of involving patients and patient advocates in the Center by hosting an annual conference and tours of MDCRC laboratories. The goal of this conference is to educate the patients about ongoing translational research in the MDCRC and provide a forum where they can ask questions concerning muscular dystrophy research. 

Through these activities, Core C will accelerate the education mission of the MDCRC and provide a vibrant training environment for clinician scientists. 

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