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Course Description and Information - Eat Your Yogurt! Biotics: Pre-, Pro-, and Anti-

Focus is on the establishment and complexity of the microbiome, its importance, ecology and the consequences of its perturbations. Lectures trace the introduction of pre-, pro- and anti-biotic therapy and their positive and negative effects on the microbiome. The evolution of self/non-self-recognition via innate and adaptive immunity is discussed with regards to their relationship to the gut microbiome, including situations in which failures in the system can result in pathologies. Other topics include the microbiome in neonatal development, the hygiene hypothesis and the use of antibiotic growth promotors.

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PDF iconButler Biotics Course Outline.pdf

Sessions 1, 2 and 3 list both the .pdf and  powerpoint slides.

Session 1
PDF iconSession 1 Lecture 1.pdfFileSession 1 Lecture 1.pptx
PDF iconSession 1 Lecture 2.pdfFileSession 1 Lecture 2.pptx


Session 2
PDF iconSession 2 Lecture 1.pdfFileSession 2 Lecture 1.pptx
PDF iconSession 2 Lecture 2.pdfFileSession 2 Lecture 2.pptx


Session 3
PDF iconSession 3 Lecture 1.pdfFileSession 3 Lecture 1.pptx
PDF iconSession 3 Lecture 2 updated.pdfOffice presentation iconSession 3 Lecture 2 updated.ppt


Session 4
PDF iconSession 4 Lecture 1.pdfFileSession 4 Lecture 1.pptx
PDF iconSession 4 Lecture 2 pdf Final.pdfFileSession 4 Lecture 2 Final.pptx

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